Thailand : street food in victory monument [ Long ver ] Bangkok Aug 2012

By | November 27, 2013

This is remake little and long version. Previous upload was in aug 2012. Insects include / small beetles,crickets,grasshoppers,and usually bee larva, termite…


18 thoughts on “Thailand : street food in victory monument [ Long ver ] Bangkok Aug 2012

  1. Lost & Found Travel

    That little girl could stare anybody down. So are you IN Thailand at the

  2. Travel kids videopedia

    Wow. Are you wawy 67 before? I’m glad. Tnx to sub again. I will sub back

  3. Kree Omar

    Yes, I was Wawy 67, thanks to you, really awsome videos!!!

  4. Travel kids videopedia

    Somehow I could not send again. an error. I deleted a mess because I missed
    some words.

  5. Travel kids videopedia

    The 3rd cut is not a perfect image but I think I don’t have an another
    better cut. And I want to put 1 more cut on 2nd or 3rd ”night cut” but I
    don’t have a good night cut too.

  6. Kree Omar

    That’s ok, the video is awsome, thanks 4 share !!!!

  7. The DarkDragonWing

    Amazing!!! I searched THAILAND and this came up!

  8. Larry Finklestein

    I have never been brave enough to eat any of the bugs (yet)

  9. benchiiibp

    In 3 weeks i’m going in thailand \(*0*)/

  10. jgomez27973

    i been there all people was staring at me because im tall 6’7 and also im a
    good looking person

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