Thailand : street food in Siam, Bangkok, Aug 2012

By | December 2, 2013

Siam area (Many shopping malls there) in Central Bangkok. including Potato,Mango,Vegetable Juce,Coconut and Juck fruit Pad Thai (fried noodle)

thai street food

9 thoughts on “Thailand : street food in Siam, Bangkok, Aug 2012

  1. Discoverlust

    I think the video is nice cause I am hungry right now !

  2. Faris Sammy

    guys don’t eat from the streets its the fastest way to get food poison

  3. piesaregreatyumyum

    Not strictly true. Stay away from foods that sit around in trays at warm
    temperatures, look at the surroundings around the food stand- soi dogs etc.
    But I think you should be ok if you have a made to order dish that is wok
    cooked, fresh at high temperatures. One thing I always check though, on the
    street or inside is the inside of the meat, The amount of times that Thais
    have served me up either, raw or medium Pork. Take care with this when its
    dark at night. haha.

  4. Leah L'Orch

    Willing to gain weight for these type of food 🙂

  5. Pauline Ando

    Let my sense of sight enjoy watching the sceneries out there’ cool

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