Thailand Street Food

By | December 8, 2013 This video by Thai Law Forum delves into Thailand’s street food culture, as well as some of the pros and cons of eating street f…

thai street food

13 thoughts on “Thailand Street Food

  1. Norinn Radd

    Great video…these peopel are…stupid? CLEARLY you should use your best
    judgement in these situations.

  2. ttasd1

    I come for more the 20 years to Thailand and streetfood is my favourite
    food. I never been sick. It’s delicious and it taste better than hotelfood.

  3. thebangkokjoe

    The Thai street food is better than what you get in restaurants. Going back
    to the West is always a disappointment after eating in Thailand. However,
    some of the more ethnic stuff is kinda gross, fried worms, fermented fish,

  4. rotcataergeht

    I Never got sick from Thai street food. Its safe but use your own judgement

  5. theransomdance

    Might want to invest in a pop-filter for future v/o overdubs

  6. suteera

    The locals know which shops are safe and good because the local would tell
    one another which one is bad. So I suggests to eat where the locals eat. ^

  7. paraminoz

    I am Thai. Most of street food in Thailand are safe if they are “New and
    Hot food”. You can see what chef doing until the dish finished. In hotel
    food may less safe than street food because you cannot see what they doing.

  8. paraminoz

    The food you should avoid. 1. Orange juice which not fresh making (In ICE
    cart). Buy manufacture drink instead. 2. “Yum Seafood” (Spicy seafood
    salad). You can get sick easily because the seafood is not fresh enough to
    make salad. 3. “Som Tam” (Papaya Salad). Buy this food from restaurant
    instead (In-house foodshop). Not from street cart to avoid diahra. Sorry if
    I am not good in ENGLISH.

  9. SimpleTravel

    Nice video. Street food is a must to try in Thailand… Check out my vids
    for thailand street food and travel experiences.

  10. Summer Lyng

    I never got sick from thai steert food~~~~

  11. SpicyPeteNorman

    After 13 vacations in Thailand, i was sick from food poisoning a total of 3
    times… it is quite a coincident that each time i was sick, i had just
    gone to a fancy restaurant the night before. I have only been to fancy
    restaurants 5 times in Thailand, and i ate street food all the other times.
    I think the street food and night market food is generally more safe than
    the fancy restaurants.

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