Thailand Safe To Travel

By | July 6, 2014

Thailand Travel Guide Page 5 Staying Safe Thailand’s people are genuinely welcoming to visitors, but as anywhere, there are exceptions and we recommend that you take

Bangkok, Thailand Introduction Bangkok, Food is safe with the exception of raw seafood which carries the risk of causing diarrhoea, and book online at Travel eGuides prior to your departure. Orientation

TRAVEL INSURANCE INFORMATION FOR THAILAND,26 MAY 2010 » We advise you to contact your travel agent or travel provider regarding the best option in

GENERAL TRAVEL INFORMATION FOR THAILAND Travel Advice British travellers are advised to check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website at for information about staying safe abroad and what help can be provided if something goes wrong.

2 | The Child Safe Traveller Executive summary This report presents the main findings of research with tourists in Bangkok, Thailand, between April and May 2013.

Mail received from Thai Consulate ensuring proper environment in Thailand. Dear Dr. S.K. Agrawal, Warm greetings from the Royal Thai Consulate General in Mumbai Regarding your questions, It is apparently safe and good for travel.

In Thailand, ‘travel and tourism directly supported 1,833,000 jobs’ (which equates to 4.7% of total employment) and in Vietnam ‘child safe tourism’ practises and initiatives. To this end, World Vision recently

1 Health Information for Travelers to Thailand January 1-22, 2009 Immunizations for the following diseases are recommended prior to your travel to Thailand.

TAKING YOUR DOG/CAT FROM THAILAND – international pet travel The most important guideline is to start the preparations early, especially when travelling to Europe.