Thailand Rice Production

By | May 2, 2014

ECONOMIC FACTORS AFFECTING RICE PRODUCTION IN THAILAND Texas Agribusiness Market Research Center (TAMRC) International Research Report No. IM-

Total Factor Productivity of Main and Second Rice Production in Thailand* Waleerat Suphannachart** Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand * This article is a further study extending from the research “Analysis of land and labor productivity of main and

Rice production is defi ned as area multiplied by yield. Rice area is less vari- Thailand's rice exports, by type, 2011 Source: USDA, Economic Research Service calculations based on data from USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. Parboiled 31%

MY2011/12 rice production is forecast to increase to 20.4 million tons in anticipation of average yield improvements due to favorable weather conditions.

Thailand Reference Date: 28-January-2014 FOOD SECURITY SNAPSHOT Poor rainfall expected to limit the 2013/14 secondary season paddy production 2013 main season rice production forecast at a record level Average rice exports forecast in 2013

January 8, 2014 First Version: April 28, 2011 [Job Market Paper] Abstract Rice production is relatively uniform and transparent. Though not all farmers in The model reflects rice production in Thailand as de-

Further increase its land available for rice production, with a goal of adding 500,000 hectares to [11] I Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2014 Vol II, IMECS 2014, March 12

Is expected to further shift rice production to more water-abundant delta areas and to lead Thailand, there is still a large gap between actual and potential yields, and efforts need to be directed at crop management technologies to narrow the yield gap.

And India 2014: Beyond the Middle-Income Trap, it needs to further promote agricultural and rice production. In fact, it has introduced a new system of rice Cambodia’s organic rice against other regional signature products like jasmine rice from Thailand and Indian basmati rice.

Gain from Thailand’s actions. At some point Thai rice must find a market. If the government chooses to subsidize production generally that is its concern

I read that more than half of Thailand' rice production is in Isaan. How much of thatread "The world’s largest rice exporter, Thailand, is facing major

Seventy-seven percent of rice production in Thailand is rain-fednetwork farmers, Thailand’s rice producersfamily food culture, organic production, inheritance from previous

Effects of the flooding have had a dramatic impact on Thailand’s rice production which has sharply driven up the price of all rice products by

Flooded. Fragrant rice, which accounts for 18 per cent of Thailand's total rice production, has a harvest next month, while white rice, which accounts for 82