Thailand Population 2013

By | June 3, 2014

Thailand Regulatory Fact Sheet 2013 e 2 2. Thailand 2.1. Fast Facts Official Name Kingdom of Thailand Area 513,120 sq km (land and sea) Population 67,091,089 (July 2012 est.)

Agricultural Trade: Thailand Population (2013) 67.4 mn Agriculture as percent of GDP (2012) 12.3 Services as percent of GDP (2012) 44.2 Industry as percent of GDP (2012) 43.6 Percent of population engaged in agriculture (2011) 38.2

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population: 64.1 million gdp (ppp): $602.1 billion 0.1% growth in 2011 omy the 61st freest in the 2013 Index. spending, and freedom from corruption. Thailand is ranked 10th out of 41 countries in the Asia–Pacific region, and its overall score is higher than the world and regional averages.

Thailand Agricultural Census 1988 – Explanatory Notes Historical outline: The first Agricultural Census in Thailand was conducted in 1950, the second in

While the population of Thailand is around 60 million. Therefore, the availability of water resources is 3,300 m.3 per person each year which is statistically considered to be highly adequate. The data on surface water resources in Thailand are as shown below :

Dishes are eaten with rice, which is a main staple for the Thai population. Pattern of food expenditure The linkages between food production and the nutritional

Intergenerational Family Care for and by Older People in Thailand 2 . ABSTRACT . Nationally representative surveys of the older population in Thailand clearly document the

Describes the growth of the population of the kingdom as if its rate of growth was the same as that for built-up Bangkok. The boundaries of present day Thailand date from about

Who make up 9.72% of the population. A man buys dates during the month of Ramadan in downtown Tunis July 10, 2013. Muslims in Tunisia begin fasting

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. I chose Thailand and her neighbors for GDP per capita, population, inflation and current account data out to 2013. IMF Data Mapper interactive data

A cruel reminder that a certain section of the Thai population is still not ready to face differing notions about Thailand’s power structure. While ThaiPBS is

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