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By | April 27, 2014

Private sector intervention case example Company: Nike Industry: Retail & Consumer Location: Thailand Programme: HIV/AIDS Overview Company Nike is the number one shoe company with substantive operations in Thailand.

Nike village program launched in Thailand • Nike contract footwear factories established higher than minimum wage in Indonesia in response to Asian financial crisis 2009 SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS & INNOVATION (SB&I) FUNCTION CREATED • Sustainability

Yuen Kwun Wong (Joyce.W) — Profile of U.S.A. China and Thailand — Nike Overview of in the U.S.A. and Asian Pacific Region Shaorong Liao (Michelle) –Subcontracting in IHRM and related issues –Nike business standard — Critiques Juan Kwang Li (Joyce.K) –Case study: Yu Yuen factory in

6 NIKE has been present in Thailand since 1980. 65 contract factory partners employ 48,000 Thai nationals. Large factories for final assembly have more than 5000 workers while

Phil Knight, thought they could better design and sell shoes to runners than what was available at the time. It is headquartered in Washington County, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand produced 98 percent of total Nike brand footwear in 2009. made up of athletes, coaches,

Nike has grown from a maker of shoes for advertising behind it has made NIKE one of the best known global brands.Given that it was primarily a design and marketing organization, education program funded by NIKE in Thailand.

The Struggle of Indonesians Making Nike Shoes. 2000. Global Publications Foundation. By the Sweat and Toil of Children: MSN and Nike campaign. Produced by The Council of Canadians and the Polaris Institute. Made in Thailand. 33 minutes,

Argued that Nike made incorrect and misleading statements during its PR campaign. nine of ten Nike shoes are made with water-based adhesives, with parallel Thailand and Pakistan. Building understanding:

in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, After much criticism, Nike faced these issues head on and made several significant changes to its labor practices. While approximately 180 million Nike shoes were sold annually, the workers who made

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People were killed. Southern Thailand, the nike shoes government issued said southern Thailand, northern Thailand, northeast and central and

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Met select Nike SB retailers tomorrow, Saturday, arrived June 12 Nike SB Italian team to Thailand to explore new places and ignored intact humid heat of Bangkok and