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By | June 25, 2014

JMAJ, September/October 2013—Vol.56, No.5 399 Special Feature: The 28th CMAAO General Assembly & 49th Council Meeting Country Report *1 President, The Medical Association of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand (

Vi THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND Office: 4th floor, Royal Golden Jubilee Building, 2 Soi Soonvijai, New Petchburi Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

5. Foreign Patients by Nationality, 2010 6. Competitive Landscape of Major Hospitals (Piyavate, Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services), 2010

Life Science Journat, 3 (2) ,2006, Panyaping, et al ,Medical Waste Management Practices in Thailand \ L best WMPs in hospital should be provided as the

Medical tourism. This report helps clients to analyze the opportunities and factors critical to the success of tourism industry in Thailand. Key Findings Figure 4-9: Thailand – Forecast for Medical Tourism Industry (in Billion US$), 2007-2012

Medical tourism in Thailand is a lucrative business, developed and promoted for profit, which exemplifies an extreme form of commodification of medicine. In order to attract medical tourists, healthcare establishments had

. Why is Thailand a prime destination for the medical traveler? Quality is high twice – in 2005 and 2008. Thailand now offers medical travelers six additional

Medical tourism scoping study Deloitte Access Economics Commercial-in-confidence i Executive Summary Medical tourism is defined as the process of patients travelling abroad for medical care and

Medical Tourism: Global Competition in Health Care also potential savings for insured patients who bear some of the cost through copayments and deductibles.

500 Spinal Fusion 62,000 9,000 7,000 5,500 Thailand is not the only Asian country recently become known as “medical tourism.” Singapore, Malaysia and India are

Over a million travellers visit Thailand each year to receive high quality medical services and to enjoy a standard of care equal to or surpassing what

Foot on a pillow and frolic about Bangkok only minimally. But I was lucky to be in Thailand for treatment; each of the other countries in the region could have been

96% of the USA policy costs $1,158. Yes, $8,304 or $1,158. And the coverage in Thailand includes full care for the major medical illnesses, like cancer; adding coverage for the major medical illnesses

In addition to a new tan, I’m memories for medical tourists and a great story. What doesthe U.S.? $ 500? $ 1000? $ 2500? more? Total cost: $ 175USD Thailand Chiangmai