Thailand Lantern Festival 2014

By | May 19, 2014

Wat Chalong Festival Phuket, Thailand A colourful and noisy seven-day harvest celebration. Spring Lantern Festival Hong Kong Colourful lanterns are hung in parks, Festival 2014 Wellington 17 Jan Big Day Out NZ

Country: Thailand TOPIC: Admission, arrival, housing At that time there was a big festival which is roughly translated into flying lantern festival. It is festival to thank the Buddha by which one lets a lantern fly into the air.

And ends with Lantern Festival which is on the 15th day. Thailand Laos Vietnam Nepal China Burma Yangtze River The Great Wall Xun River Brahmaputra River Huang Ho 2014 ED2 PH 106-107 China intro.indd 3 14/01/2014 13:56. Region

Sat/30/11/13 MINI PAO 4A 4 Mon/02/12/13 PHUKET THAILAND anchor 9:00 19:00 OPS 100613 Fri/14/02/14 POS.HONG KONG-SHANGHAI 5 Fri/14/02/14 HONG KONG SAR CHINA 8.00 17.00 Valentine's Day /Lantern Festival JUNE 2014 Sun/01/06/14 SHA4 4 Sun/01/06/14 SHANGHAI CHINA 9.00 17.00

Chiang. Ellison. CHERRY BRANCH. Cherian. Erin. Njumbe. Parrau. Shannon. Iwele. Capriles. Ambrocio-Martinez. Jaider. Farahifar. Kaveh. GREENBRIAR PRESERVE. FESTIVAL. Hamdan. Keselman. Baroldi. Ndanema. Rochelin. Banes. Lara Flores. Trieu. Balmore. Thanga. Mejia Guardado. Dulce. Gracza. GARCIA

Thursday 1 May 2014. 06.00 Globe Trekker: Michael van de Elzen tries yet again to win over the Chinese with his veggie-packed Chinese takeaways at the Auckland Lantern Festival. 11.00 Ultimate Braai Master: Johannesburg, Finding Balance in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

TH MAR 2014 BOOKING PERIOD: NOW TILL 31 If group visit other destination of Thailand before Chiang Mai such as Bangkok or Phuket, Free Hot Lantern to release at Khum Khan Toke Restaurant for group 10 paxs up.

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