Thailand, Koh Samui in Superb HD quality!

By | December 2, 2013

Thailand 2011 the movie! Probably the best video quality on the web. Koh Samui, Chaweng Beach, Februar 2011. Camera: Canon EOS 60D Lens: Canon 24-105mm L + S…

koh samui

25 thoughts on “Thailand, Koh Samui in Superb HD quality!

  1. lifeinthailand

    What a beautiful place, Its another place I need to visit.

  2. moonboots69

    whats the editing software ? FCP ?

  3. Erik Foss

    Thailand, Koh Samui in Superb HD quality!

  4. Steve Jones

    Great video, I got married in Samui last year this has lost of familiar
    places and wonderful memories for me, Thanks

  5. paragshah2112

    @ 7:53 poor monkey in a little shirt :_( the poor thing has a chain around
    his neck while he is forced to knife fight for the entertainment of fat
    asshole american children

  6. h9y95hig9ckt

    @10.47can u tell me what beach is that?planning to go to thailand next

  7. Norapath Pesirikan

    It is “Mo Koh Ang Tong” national park. You need a day trip starting from
    Samui island. Dont forget to climb up to the top of the island. It is sooo
    beautiful 😉

  8. LeeClaxton

    This is one of the best trip report videos I have seen! Good stuff.

  9. LeenaErhayel

    in which hotel were you staying in koh samui? the video is amazing, btw!!

  10. MrSoren12

    Hei Erik Dette var en flot video, har vert på Samui 3 gang 2010,2011, 2012
    og vi skal tilbake 2014 det er Paradis på jord… 😉

  11. flakka4life

    meget nydelig… stikkar ned der på onsdag å kjikar litt:)


    amazing quality – what camera did you use? I’m about to go for my 3rd 6
    months trip to Thailand – I adore the country

  13. kider8moskau

    very nice video, quality perfect thank you Koh Samui the best Place to be

  14. TheSatinbutterfly

    This is disgusting! No tourist should support animals shows ( I’m talking
    abut the elephants and monkeys here) that are just based on pure cruelty
    towards the poor creatures. But yeah it is sooooo funny to watch chained
    monkeys with make up and elephants that are beat up to make them do all
    that stupid stunts. Turn your f***ing brains on and better spend your money
    on something else. There are so many choices on Koh Samui that do not harm

  15. Erik Foss

    I agree. But we did not know in advance what we would see on the show. I
    did not applaud. We do not support this but we should not pretend it does
    not exist.

  16. Kaptain Lu

    nice video, but what is the name of the music at 3:11

  17. Steve Jones

    Thailand is fantastic……. beautiful people beautiful
    places…………only silly europeans bring their values and make
    judgment……… if you dont like go back to Europe. take your opinions
    home and voice them there……..

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