Thailand – Koh Samui 2013 Love You Long Time

By | November 27, 2013

Some of our 2013 Thailand holiday in Samui Enjoy……. Here is the link for the second video. See you in Thailand!!

koh samui

23 thoughts on “Thailand – Koh Samui 2013 Love You Long Time

  1. stan scurfield

    Great vidio, well put together, and you two look so in love. we are going
    there next year and this vid just makes me think it can’t come soon enough.

  2. Our Tube

    Thanks, You’ll have a great time there, So much to see and do and eat haha!
    Cant wait to go back. Have a ball Guys!

  3. hannavelitaful

    Ohh!! Where in Koh Samui where you? Whats the second song??

  4. Ga Wa

    I remember Koh Samui when there were almost no concrete buildings, proper
    roads or electricity. Big monitor lizards everywhere. 🙂 That’s progress I

  5. Rayan Slim

    What a great vid! Best Thailand vid i have seen and I have been watching
    for days in anticipation of my trip with my fiance. Thanks!

  6. Barry rayson

    nice vid,like the take off n landing bits,wish it was that `kin quick.and
    the music.good

  7. Kantaphon Phimsan

    Great vidio and nice music. I love you Koh Samui

  8. Ping Pong

    Sick. Mexican food in Thailand? Photo with captured monkey? Great Success!

  9. Alan Walmsley

    Awesome video. Its the best video of Thailand ive ever watched on Youtube.

  10. brett oconnell

    top video makes me want to get on a plane and go back to thailand

  11. dgrayhudson

    great video…going in March. Where did you get your bike and did you go
    elephant trekking? Love the music…

  12. deadredboys

    Ending our trip there in November so hope we don’t have any rain….. Any
    advise on where in particular to visit? Great vid btw 🙂

  13. badanga

    visit Ang Thong marine park and Koh Nang Yuang – two most beautiful trips
    on Samui. 1 trip will be 1500 Baht for 1 person.

  14. Our Tube

    We Stayed in Bophut. Really nice atmosphere and great sunsets. The second
    song is Lullabies-Yuna (Adventure Club Remix) 🙂

  15. Our Tube

    We Stayed in Bophut. You’ll have an awesome time!

  16. Our Tube

    Hi Thanks, We use Thai moto and Ohm Cycles when we go.We didn’t go trekking
    this time but it Was great feeding them.

  17. Our Tube

    Thanks deadredboys I agree with YengStvol but Ang Thong Marine Park is
    closed each year between November and mid December as it is monsoon Season
    Though that does not mean, that it will be raining constantly, but
    thunderstorms are usual and there might be times with non-stop rain for 5-6
    days.But you cant go wrong in Koh Samui. Visit Namuang Waterfall in Nathon,
    Big Buddha At Big Buddha Beach And all of the night markets are great
    Fingers Crossed

  18. mambowman

    haven’t been there since 93 but you brought it all back. great job!

  19. Matt Leve

    Beautiful video well done! i am putting together a a free video download
    site for Thailand holidays , would you be interested and willing to donate
    this video for others to view there?

  20. marti1875

    this has been blocked here in the UK? says copyrights grounds so cannot
    view it at all 🙁

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