Thailand Full Moon Party 2012!!!!!

By | December 1, 2013

The new 2013 version!!!

full moon party

24 thoughts on “Thailand Full Moon Party 2012!!!!!

  1. rlander100

    one of you guys look like jamie soward twin brother!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Neil Stummer

    We are planning a trip again and looking at 4 days in Phuket 1 day in Koh
    Samui 4 days in Koh Pangan 3 days in Phuket 2 days on one of the islands
    and 2 days in Phuket….. You boys will love it so many birds and cheap as

  3. imviral88

    We are thinking doing 5days koh samui and 5days Phuket..but every kunt
    reckons Koh pangan is the shit and where its all at..Like do u reckon we r
    fukin ourselves over doin wat we r doin?..You fellas going back for new yrs
    are ya?

  4. roseekatee

    Stums !! i think u’re funny guys . You chose places to proper with u phuket
    , koh pangan 🙂 and i thought ever seen u before Banana guys 🙂 ohh no!!
    Monkey ,it’s better ,right? I saw u make me hate u more and more 🙂 even
    time change but u never gonna’s ur talent and it will be with u
    all of ur life. I wish wont meet u again 🙂

  5. Karl Iversen

    Ko Phangan is SHITPLACE number one in Thailand…and the locals will rip u
    off all the time…even rob u! Better going to Ko Samui…where I
    live…everything is better and cooler here..and people more friendly..and
    no rip offs…

  6. junjiraporn makma


  7. JajaHangloose

    cant wait…im going there next two weeks

  8. benji vberg

    going to thailand in july doing a contecki tour starts in koh sumui cant
    wait. Great video boys!

  9. tom dick

    10 years ago the airport was a shack,,,,,stayed pattaya went to party ,,hey
    man where you staying ,never told ,pattaya was great 10 years ago.

  10. sourstrawberriesxx

    where did you guys stay in koh samui??

  11. Mutate man

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