Thailand Elections

By | July 6, 2014

Elections in Thailand: The February 2 General Elections Frequently Asked Questions Page 4 of 7 What is the election management body? What are its powers?

Report of the International Election Observation Mission by The Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) THAILAND General Election 3rd July 2011

THAILAND Date of Elections: April 4, 1976 Purpose of Elections Elections were held for all the members of the House of Representatives following the premature dissolution of this body on January 12,1976.

THAILAND Date of Elections: 27 July 1986 Purpose of Elections Elections were held for all the seats in the House of Representatives following premature

2014 Elections to Watch Two months of opposition-led general strikes brought Bangladesh to a standstill in late 2013, Thailand February 2 South Africa March-June Colombia March 9, May 25 Afghanistan April 5 Indonesia April 9, July 9 Iraq April 30 India May Turkey August

2014 and calls upon the relevant authorities to set a clear timetable for new elections in line with Thailand's democratic and constitutional framework.

Asia Europe Latin America MENA Africa ASIA Thailand: Snap elections unlikely to end political turmoil Event Thailand is once again faced with political paralysis.

elections 6 Effective power to Thailand is a parliamentary democracy within the parameters of a constitutional monarchy. BTI 2014 | Thailand 38 baht and guaranteeing more market stability. At the same time, more commitment to banking

Political Parties in Thailand The erratic evolution of political parties in Thailand has made the political party system difficult to classify and analyze.