Thai Visa Requirements for U.K. Resident

By | July 19, 2013

by Coco Bartlett

Visa Requirements For Thailand

Visa Requirements For Thailand


I am a UK resident and am going on holiday to Thailand on the 12th of May and return from Bangkok airport on the 8th of June, making a total time spent in Thailand around 28 days.

I am aware this means I can get a 30 day visa, however I am planning on flying to Malaysia for a few days in the middle of my time in Thailand and then back into Thailand during my stay and wondered how that affected my visa?.

Thanks in advance


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Thai Visa Requirements
for U.K. Resident

Thai Visa Requirements for UK Visitor
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Coco
Many thanks for your visit to our website and subsequent questions regarding Thai visarequirements.

The Thai Visa rules are actually quite straightforward, although like many other countries quite often requires clarification as they are not written in “user friendly” terms!.

OK, here goes!:

IF you arrive by International flight into anyThai airport as a UK resident, you will receive a30 day visa exemption, this means you are free to stay in the country for 30 days butmust either before or on the 30th day!.

IF you arrive in Thailand overland by that I mean by bus, train, car, bicycle or by foot from another adjoining country you will receive a 15 day visa exemption, this means you are free to stay in the country for 15 days but musteither before or on the 15th day!.

IF you want to leave Thailand & then returnduring your stay, all that happens is that the initial visa you received is cancelled (as you leave Thailand initially by a new stamp addedto your passport).

When you then return to Thailand you will receive either a new 30 day visa exemption (arrival by air – as mentioned above), or a new15 day visa exemption (arrival overland as mentioned above).

I hope this has clarified the Thai Visa rules & that you now have a clearer understanding, if you are still unclear about any aspects of your visit to Thailand, please do not hesitate to Contact Us again. – thanks again for your questions.

Kind Regards
Website Administration