Thai Vegetarian Food

By | October 24, 2013

Finding truly Thai Vegetarian Recipes for food that meet the full criteria of “vegetarianism” within Thailand is no simple matter, as I discovered recently!!.

Contrary to popular belief the majority of Thai Vegetable food dishes arenot actually suitable for vegetarian’s, as they are typically prepared using ingredients such as fish sauce & oyster sauce, even the seed based sesame sauce can quite often contain animal extracts.

Vegetarian Recipes


According to Wikipedia the definition of “Vegetarianism” “is the practice of a diet that excludes meat (including game and slaughter by-products; fish, shellfish and other sea animals and poultry)”.

There are many different variants of the diet, some of which also exclude eggs and/or some products produced from animal labour such as dairy products and honey.

To truly enjoy vegetarian Cuisine within Thailand you are strangely enough best to visit an Indian Restaurant,as they tend to prepare their food in a way that meets the vegetarian’s requirements.

The other option is to visit any 5* International Hotel within Thailand, these hotels cater for vegetarians & vegans from all over the world and as such have to ensure that all ingredients are 100% free of animal products or derivatives.

The Thai Vegetarian Recipes that follow are not exhaustive, but will be added to hopefully by a mixture of Reader Contributions, plus further research by myself!.


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