Thai Tea (Number One Brand)

By | July 7, 2013

by Sue Ellen Bell
(Proctorville, Ohio (USA))

I see that you sell Thai Tea(Number One Brand)along with a tea sock. I have a tea sock already. I was wondering do you sell the package of tea by itself. If so, how much does a bag cost and what is the exact size of the bag?

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Thai Tea (Number One Brand)

by: Anonymous

Where i can get black tea no 1in indonesia, please sent me address in indonesia. Email ade.

Thai Tea
by: Anonymous

Hello, i am vera from indonesia.
i want to buy Thai Tea Mix. How much is it? last time i bought in thailand, it’s just 55 baht (3 dollars).
thank you

Number One Brand In Indonesia?
by: sanlika

number one brand, black tea dust.. where can i find and buy it in indonesia…please tell me.. thank you

Order For Thai Tea No1 Brand
by: karbee

Hi,..i want to order black tea dust…(red container) plsemail me how much it is.

Regards Karbee

Thai Tea Number One Brand
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Caitlin

Many thanks for your visit to our website & questions……yes you can by just the loose tea without buying the Thai tea “sock”.

The loose tea on it’s own is $9.99/bag including shipping to your home.

If you would like to purchase please email me directly at kevin(dot)r(dot)butters(at)gmail(dot)com I will then raise a bill through Paypal for the purchase of the tea.

We do also offer quite a few other types of Thai herbal teas, details are here

Kind Regards


Number one brand alone
by: Caitlin 


I think it has been asked, but I could not get to the answer. Can i purchase the number one brand, just the bag of tea? I will probably buy 2 bags if I can to start with. I have been hooked since visiting in July!

Thanks so much!

Trying To Find The Most Original Thai Tea 
by: Kevin (Administration)


Many thanks for your questions regarding the most authentic Thai tea brand.

The two most popular brands served throughout Thailand & Thai restaurants abroad are the Por Kwan brand & theThai Tea (Number One Brand) that we offer.

The Por Kwan Brand can be bought online at several sources including (follow link) & Amazon.

Both these brands I am sure will provide you with the authentic taste you seek.

Kind Regards

Trying To Find The Most Original Thai Tea
by: Anonymous


I’ve been trying to find a decent thai tea powder for a while. Pantainorasingh and Sribhud thai teas didn’t work for me, although I’m still regretfully using them up at home, while on the hunt.

I want something that doesn’t give you that smell of fresh paint. How would you rate this tea? Does it have that aroma that you find in thai restaurants?


Milk Green Tea or Thai Tea ?
by: Kevin (Website Administration)

Hi Erwin
Many thanks for your question.
When you say milk green tea, do you mean Thai tea, the same as the Thai Tea Number One Brand we sell through our website, or is it another type?.

If you could let me know, I will try my best to help you locate it.

Best Wishes


Milk Green Tea
by: erwin 

Hi, I’m Erwin from Indonesia.

I’m hardly find your product (milk green tea) in Indonesia.

Could you tell me where I can find it here. Thank u

Thai Tea (Number One Brand)
by: Kevin (Administration)

Hi Sue Ellen

Many thanks for your valued enquiry, the Thai Tea(Number One Brand) bag size is 8oz’s in weight & the cost delivered to your home in the U.S.A. without the thai tea sock would be $10/bag.

If you would like to go ahead & purchase, please contactme again & I will raise a Paypal invoice to you directly for the amount.

Best Wishes