Thai Street Vendor Crab Fried Rice, “Khao Pad Bu”

By | December 3, 2013

More information, pictures, and complete recipe for Khao Pad Bu at A complete selection of import…

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25 thoughts on “Thai Street Vendor Crab Fried Rice, “Khao Pad Bu”

  1. gforcekaras

    fresh rice is very sticky to stir fry, use day old or at least rice cooked
    the night before.

  2. Gittitouch boon-long

    watch hands well those bactiria shall perish after they heated and some how
    there no fresh water to clean any way

  3. thai spice

    I love thai food and enjoy watching ppl cook this looks sooo good

  4. Lost & Found Travel

    How many “outlets” do you think are in this parent company? I find the idea
    of Thai micro franchises pretty interesting.

  5. SpiralSelective

    Way overcooked those scrambled eggs. Plus they absorbed all that oil. No
    thanks pal!

  6. linlin55

    that was a ladyboy cooking crab fried rice for you. looks delish none the

  7. consolemaster

    You don’t want to know the method they used to get the crab meat.

  8. skittification

    That dish would have more meat in it if he left out the crab and had a
    spider fall in the wok.

  9. painfullfun

    MSG. Really, can Asian food not be cooked without it?

  10. Sarah Sabih

    So basically, everything in this dish? If eating something like this means
    an early death, I’d rather die young and happy (with a full tummy) than an
    old paranoid hypochondriac 🙂

  11. frederico George

    It just takes a few minutes to educate yourself on the net about proper
    diet, but most people choose not to, choosing crap like this because it
    tastes good, and its the norm. Look around you. You will see that most
    people in the usa are fat, and sick with cronic diseases. You choose your
    own destiny. BTW, this street food is not nearly as bad as some I’ve seen,
    and I’ve been all over the world.

  12. Sarah Sabih

    I am very aware of the unhealthy things people consume in the US. “Foods”
    that are processed, packed with sugar, and full of additives and fillers
    are what you’ll find in supermarkets over here. The dish shown in this
    video is so much healthier than a lot of what we eat simply because it uses
    fresh ingredients. Yes, an excessive amount of rice is not healthy, nor is
    seafood if it comes from a contaminated source. My point is that I don’t
    think this food is “crap” as you said.

  13. Doc Tbag

    Preservatives that dominate American foods is so bad for you. On the flip
    side, MSG is also bad for you. But the ingredients here are fresh because
    most Thai vendors get their stuff fresh each day because they don’t have
    the means to refrigerate their stuff. Most Thai households have like a
    hotel sized frig and that’s probably for the eggs.

  14. galaxy

    looks delicious but i want some kind of soup as well like japanese miso
    soup when i eat this

  15. bollyking

    Yes. It looks more like a egg fried rice with a hint of crab

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