Thai Street Food – Pla Pao (ปลาเผา) at Central World, Bangkok

By | November 29, 2013

Check out my Thai street food guide: and also my travel and street food website here http://migrationol…

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22 thoughts on “Thai Street Food – Pla Pao (ปลาเผา) at Central World, Bangkok

  1. Temple of Thai

    Eating street food at Central World, Bangkok with +Thai Food — Mark Wiens
    eats his way through street food favorites Pla Pao, Som Tam and Gai Yang.

    #thaifood #streetfood #food #foodies 

  2. Wainui Graham

    I’m getting married in Thailand in March 2014. Can’t wait to show my
    parents what REAL Thai food tastes like. I had my first holiday to Thailand
    last year and it’s sooo beautiful we decided to get married there. Watching
    a marathon of your videos because I don’t want to miss out on any food haha

  3. สัพเพเหระ แม็ก ทีวี


  4. Rick James

    LOL, you eat like a Thai. Especially the whole sticky rice dipping to
    papaya salad. Regard, Full Australian/Thai guy.

  5. tarek85

    Why i’m watching your Videos again and again, everytime i’m getting hungry
    again 😀 Great work Mark

  6. Iron-Man MEpsu

    ให้เกียรคิเขาบ้าง เป็นคนไทยซะอย่าง

  7. Asfand Ali

    What wrong with your expressions every video same expressions

  8. The RockMan Infinity Evolution

    SomTam There are two to choose from sweet to spicy . You should try it too
    spicy 😀

  9. Aldo Alcázar

    Is similar to mexican seafood, you must try it. No envy anything to thai
    food.(actually theres more variety on sea gastronomy and non sea
    gastronomy) in Mexico.

  10. Harsa Arizki Bachsin

    Honestly, I don’t want to pay 300 THB (9 US$) for those street food. With
    300 THB actually I could eat at MK GOLD Siam Paragon for delicious
    cantonese food or perhaps I only spent only 270 THB to get a brunch in
    delicious tasty Thai’s food in 10″East at Anantara Bangkok Sathorn (my
    favourite hotel in Bangkok) and that’s not a snake-head fish I think it
    actually Cat Fish. But two Thumbs up! U’ve shared a lot of things in
    Thailand that some of them I don’t recognized it esp. in rural Thai area
    that I haven’t discover it yet. Keep up ur good works!

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