Thai Street Food Menu in Bangkok (Eating Thai Food Guide) อาหารอีสาน

By | November 28, 2013

Download your copy of the Eating Thai Food Guide now: (CLICK HERE) Eating Thai street food in Bangkok i…

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25 thoughts on “Thai Street Food Menu in Bangkok (Eating Thai Food Guide) อาหารอีสาน

  1. ozza26

    Your advice has really stuck with me. It is so important to order a well
    rounded mix of dishes to share. That’s the pure joy of food. The variety
    and sharing of delicious food. Thanks Mark

  2. dragonworld2008

    You don’t play around .man you clean the plates . Save some for the camera
    girl .

  3. chayaphorne phomphengchane

    Hey Mark, thanks for sharing your tutorial with us, really enjoying it. But
    you need to hop your butt over to Laos and taste our food, some say Laos
    food is the best in the world and where do you think Thai get their
    influences from, just saying.. If you do decide to try it out please let me
    know how it when or better yet posted it on here.. duh!! 🙂

  4. MoniMeka P

    my gosh, you ate all that? i would be sick. it looks really good though. LOL

  5. Michael Rentar

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  6. cherry s

    som tam is the best food in Thailand!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i advise you guys to eat
    with chicken or kai-yang because i know it’s hard to some of you to eat
    these spicy food and it’s so deliciousss

  7. Katherine Bernardo

    love your videos, hope you can visit the philippines too.

  8. Jujulay Ju

    look at this video u r too skiny …. don’t be like that…eat some

  9. mysticpaki

    Hi Mark. Could you give the specific name of the place you ate at as im
    sure many places around Ramkhamjaeng soi 29. Which BTS staion would be the
    closest and what time are they open till in the night? Deeply appreciate
    your reply on Cheers

  10. Tommy Hendrickx

    You need to go to Phaya Thai BTS station then switch to ARL (Airport Link
    Line) and get off at Ramkhamhaeng station. From there you just walk to Soi
    29 at Ramkhamhaeng road.

  11. Intira sankla

    i hate som tam because it has them smelly dead uncooked fishes in it . It
    also smells horrible

  12. Enya Xiang

    That look yummy! I love making sticky rice! I especially love dipping the
    sticky rice in spicy chili fish sauce simple but yummy! <3

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