Thai street food desserts

By | December 6, 2013

Thai street vendor serves Thai desserts in Bangkok.

thai street food

7 thoughts on “Thai street food desserts


    hows your holiday at thailand? your video made me want to visit thai once
    more time. i have been there around 2004 . thai must be change a lot;.

  2. TanaChai Panklang

    ลอดช่องอร่อยมากพี่ 😀

  3. Mr Bright

    ทองหยิบ ทองหยอด

  4. SewingTsuni

    I was there when I was like 12, but I really want to go there again *_* I
    really like asian countries in common! But especially Japan, China,
    Thailand… <3 My family and me were there, because we had friends working
    in Thailand. But do you think with english you're able to survive there and
    see a lot of different thing? Because I can't speak thai Q_Q

  5. zebraman777333

    When I first went to Thailand I spoke no Thai at all, I learned, but really
    there are many many English speaking Thai’s, and most can speak broken
    English so very easy to get by there 🙂 no worries, soon I will upload a
    video to teach people basic Thai for travel in Thailand, just the most
    needed works to live there, like where is the Bathroom LOL and not spicy LOL

  6. SewingTsuni

    Sounds great! =D I look foreward in watching your videos for learning thai

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