Thai Street Food – Chiang Mai Night Market, Thailand

By | November 27, 2013 Another serving of Thai Street Food. This time we’re at the Chiang Mai Sunday night market. It is a must-attend event in a …

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25 thoughts on “Thai Street Food – Chiang Mai Night Market, Thailand

  1. Arcyamen

    what’s wrong with the audio repeating it self ?! “shanga mekaaa” !

  2. Alex vi Britannia

    i am fasting ramazan right now, this makes my belly scream very loud

  3. e49injo

    turn it also the other way, that the collers “can meet”

  4. sadfasf sadfsaf

    Ich hatte definitv meinen schönsten Urlaub in Thailand. Ich habe dort 2
    Wochen auf “Ko Samui” verbracht in einem ganz feinem Hotel. Außerdem finde
    ich an dem Buddhismus großen Gefallen.

  5. David Benton

    I loved your video! I’m half Thai and half American…my mother is from a
    small village an hour outside of Chiang Mai. Thai food is VERY different up
    North. Since most Thais live in and around Bangkok, that’s the style most
    foreigners and even locals eat. I find that the northern style of cooking
    to be much more satisfying. I’m probably biased because it reminds me of my
    mothers cooking and not the over sauced Pad Thai Americans eat. A lot of
    visitors miss out on the beauty of Chiang Mai.

  6. David Benton

    It’s “Sawadee Kah” Which roughly means “Hello, miss!” (If your a woman
    talking to another woman.) It’s a crowded market full of tourist and they
    are just trying to get your attention.

  7. mumuutube

    The loop sound says guaytiew lord mai kah. That’s mean Do you want to try
    steam noodle?

  8. Nano Particle

    I’m Thai but I’ve never been to Chiang Mai.Anyway, as a Thai, I promise you
    all that this kinda street food is the best one in the world,. cheap,
    tasty, a bit clean. Try it then you forget every street food you ever tried

  9. Lost & Found Travel

    Thanks. Also true… Such a simple and amazing beverage.

  10. Andrew Thompson

    Thai Street Food – Chiang Mai Night Market, Thailand

  11. cryohellinc

    My dream is to travel around Asia in future, to watch the historical
    monuments, learn more about culture and of course try their amazing food.

  12. Lost & Found Travel

    Thailand is a good “starter” country in SE Asia. Lots of other traveler
    knowledge to follow in the path of.

  13. Susan Brooks

    See other Asian countries eat Animal hearts and intestines too so stfu and
    stop saying that only Chinese people only do it.

  14. Lost & Found Travel

    Who is saying that? The whole world eats organs. I’m a duck heart fan from
    way back…

  15. Banker in the Sun

    Wow, that sushi looks amazing! Thanks for a great video, feels like I’m
    really in Chiang Mai!

  16. Lost & Found Travel

    In Thailand right now (sadly leaving today) and it STILL only 5 baht a
    piece. So that is 6 for a dollar. And fresh as fresh can be. Half dozen
    more SE Asian street food vids going up once on home computer…

  17. Rab carn

    i love it when it rains at night at these outside market food vendors cause
    it reminds me of animoid row or the shushi bar from the movie Blade runner.
    really atmospheric indeed.

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