Thai Street Food – Bangkok Thailand

By | December 8, 2013

Bangkok street food. First, you will see a quick video running down just a section of the street food stalls near Khao San Road. Then you’ll get the same str…

thai street food

25 thoughts on “Thai Street Food – Bangkok Thailand

  1. Lost & Found Travel

    Thanks for the double love of this AND my night market video. 🙂

  2. jurek323

    2 tips. 1.Never eat in empty restaurants 2.Eat where locals eat.

  3. BearStar1

    Dang, I don’t know about the rest of you all, but I’m so dizzy and I got
    whiplash from that cameraman moving way too fast!

  4. Lost & Found Travel

    Thank you Thai Food Lovers for the 1/4 million views. And double thanks to
    the Thai vendors.

  5. Lost & Found Travel

    I wish YouTube hadn’t dumped the 480 and 720 versions. Thanks!

  6. Md. Mostaqur Rahman

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  7. ben jones

    thai food mmmmmm far far better than dull and insipidly boring and tastless
    british shit

  8. natida r.

    The food in Thailand is the best one of the world 😀

  9. ed.G. Hansen

    far better and cleaner than all the chemicals they pump into foods in USA !

  10. desukoa

    You should stop complaining about the hygiene. I used to be assistant chef
    and worked in restaurants…you, people, really have no idea how risky are
    restaurants’ food. Anyway, this video makes me hungryyyyy, I wanna fly to
    Thailand right now!

  11. Jda Prynce

    Can’t wait to experience some authentic Thai Food in Thailand….Bangkok,
    here I come!!!!!

  12. YTmes

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  13. Cornelia Storch

    I love your video… I guess my next trip will be Thailand again 🙂

  14. Lost & Found Travel

    I usually do a better job of weeding the churchy post out of the mix…

  15. Bikesh Ryuk

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  16. FoodFactoryy

    Cant wait to plan my own trip to Thailand just because all of the delicious
    street food! 😀

  17. Lost & Found Travel

    Visit the north if you can. Great stuff at the markets to eat.

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