Thai music Rose Chiang Mai Thai traditional song

By | December 9, 2013

chiang mai

10 thoughts on “Thai music Rose Chiang Mai Thai traditional song

  1. moohoun

    Thanks for sharing. U guys made me miss my hometown thailand.

  2. Hugo Brown

    Nice phleng from Chiang Mai …. Beautiful krub

  3. propertycrazy

    Do you know the music of traditional song from Chiang Rai??? It was on the
    speakers throughout the villages every morning! I am trying so hard to find
    it, please help me. Thank you… my email is Thank
    you suwadee ka

  4. Lexi Scheer

    Does anyone know who the artist of this song is??

  5. cwzialor

    Hiding the guitar behind the table… lol

  6. Bambolea Dieter Voral

    Hey Boys i like your Music….go on please…more more 🙂 ….Chok Dii Krap

  7. Bambolea Dieter Voral

    Listen to my new CD Okeanos please…. you will like it! mitierra-music

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