[Thai Food] How to Steam Sticky Rice

By | December 6, 2013

[Thai Food] How to Steam Sticky Rice Sticky Rice is the main food of the Northeast. They always use hand for enjoy soft sticky rice. http://en.foodtravel.tv/…

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5 thoughts on “[Thai Food] How to Steam Sticky Rice

  1. Billdude21

    What does she mean new? just out of the package?

  2. Laylaylaoud

    Lao people brought sticky rice to they north of Thailand when the secret
    war happened

  3. mike jones

    I agree this came from lao people which Hmong and Khmer people enjoy as
    we’ll, y’all Thai people try to take every thing and try to make it as ur
    own as well as our county in the 1300s, lao people r the reason Thai exist

  4. Philosophyporn n

    are you sure that thai people did it ? google the history before saying

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