Thai food : How To Order Street Food In Thailand

By | December 5, 2013

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thai street food

20 thoughts on “Thai food : How To Order Street Food In Thailand

  1. Bernard Le Du

    Hi Mia, I have a small “listening” problem. When you order your best street
    thai food… I ear clearly “gra?- phao”, but isn’t it written “กะเพรา” ? So
    why do I not ear “ga?- phrao”. It isn’t only with you, I mean, when some
    thai friends order this food, I always ear “gra?-phao” but when I read the
    name on the menu list it is written กะเพรา that I pronounce “ga?-phrao”… SO
    ??????? May you help me ?

  2. learn2speakthai

    oops!!! you’ve caught me!!!! LOL กะเพรา/gà prao is the correct
    pronunciation. I’m not sure how Thais got the habit of saying grà prao.
    Even me, I’ve made the same mistake and realized the correct spelling
    afterward but its too late!!! Good ears Bernard 🙂

  3. Bernard Le Du

    OK Mia but… should I say like it is written or should I say like thai
    people now speak it ? as it seems that every body in food street booth
    understand perfectly “gra-pao” ? If I continue to say “ga-prao” will I not
    be seen as an old snobbish farang ? …what I scare a lot 🙂

  4. learn2speakthai

    I would say you could pronounce both ways. In a normal Thai conversation
    the first sound gà is pronounced very fast (common in 2 syllable words
    that the first sound is pronounced softly.) unlike written Thai I suggest
    to write it correctly. If you continue to say “ga-prao” it’s absolutely
    fine and “ga-prao” is not an old fashion word. 🙂

  5. learn2speakthai

    Phad Thai!! thats a good one too!!! phad Thai can be very creative and can
    make with different kinds of noodle. Try phat Thai woon sen(Phad Thai with
    glass noodle) next time. ps. any idea of “how to…in Thai” is most welcome

  6. Bernard Le Du

    That’s a very funny story of “r” in fact ! It is “เพรา” but in the way I
    wrote it in my to previous two replies, I forgot to write the “r”(!)… like
    many thais don’t pronounce any “r” any more in many words. And when I
    listen carefully at your video, each time you pronounce the word, I do not
    ear any “r” in the second syllabus. I only ear “phao”. Then, where is not
    written any “ร” in the thai word… thais people start to put one anyway now
    ! ม่าขันมากๆ

  7. Lani Cox

    In English and Thai…@Learn2SpeakThai #delicious #thailand อร่อย :P

  8. learn2speakthai

    I hope I’m not embarrassing the whole world about the habit of Thais with
    “R” and “L” LOL As a teacher, a subconscious mind has always keeping me
    aware of pronouncing “R” when there is one. But this time, it has proven
    that I’m Thai after all 🙂 น่าอายที่สุดเลยค่ะ

  9. EWKification

    Great! Love the editing with the eggs, and the sound quality is good.

  10. learn2speakthai

    Thanks!! any “how to ” idea is welcome 🙂

  11. TONYLOUIS100

    Hi Thanks for the lesson. Is it true that Thai Street food is better than
    Hotel or restaurant food?

  12. learn2speakthai

    As Thailand born and bred, a lot of the time street food taste better and
    more authentic than hotels and expensive restaurant

  13. TONYLOUIS100

    Thanks for the info you are making me hungry already I want to taste real
    Thai food and not all this tourist food

  14. Lawrence Krisna

    I will definitely go to Thailand and try them 🙂

  15. tarek85

    A good way to improve my basic thai language skills 🙂

  16. learn2speakthai

    Learn how to order Thai street food and the top 2 most favorite dishes is
    the great way to improve Thai language skills. Thank you to find it
    worthwhile…any topic suggestion is most welcome.

  17. Markus Kaßner

    Hi ^.^! Why i haven’t seen your great videos before? I really like them! I
    hope that i can travel to Thailand next august! I still try to learn the
    language because i like your culture (actually most of the asian cultures)!
    Hope till then i can speak better then the normal tourist who just go to
    the beach haha. ^.^ keep on teaching us! 😛

  18. Steve Kollen

    I don’t think you explained what the little piece of paper and the pen were
    for ….

  19. intsccents

    great little video i speak a little Thai ( Nit NoI ) but your video makes
    it easier to learn little helpful Thai words, keep the videos coming…
    thank you

  20. learn2speakthai

    “how to order Thai street food” is the most watched VDO in my Channel,
    learning while eating is a great idea, isn’t it ? guess I have to make more
    VDO about Thai food.

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