Thai Food Festival OTOP Bangkok หนึ่งตำบล หนึ่งผลิตภัณฑ์

By | November 30, 2013

OTOP (one Tambon/village One Product) food and crafts festival near Central World in Bangkok held over the period just before Songkran April 2013. Quite a sm…

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6 thoughts on “Thai Food Festival OTOP Bangkok หนึ่งตำบล หนึ่งผลิตภัณฑ์

  1. David Millar

    Wow..Those mushrooms looked yummy and quite a selection.Am also a curry
    lover and thought that Kao Soi looked great. Might have to book an extra
    seat on return flight for my belly!

  2. Sabai Sabai สบาย สบาย

    Haha maybe book premium economy seat more width LOL. The OTOP in Udon Thani
    was even better and mushroom curry is an Issan speciality.

  3. myworldyourmusic11

    Ok..What is that at 1.00 min? And 3.14 secs? I loved the wall puppet
    art..beautiful;and now back to the food:).I couldn’t figure out what that
    was at 3.42 secs:and I’m in if you’re buying mushroom curry.Not spicy
    please Steve.Great much to choose from!

  4. Sabai Sabai สบาย สบาย

    I love OTOP because it is all local produce small vendors. everything from
    0:53 is mushroom so 1min is mushroom kebab. 3:14 young mango (sour eaten
    with pickle). Yes I love the shadow puppets these are ‘nang yai’ made from
    buffalo skin. 3:42 looks like a green curry I think you would have on the
    fish balls. Not spicy just ask for ‘mai phet’ but will be difficult lol

  5. myworldyourmusic11 3.11-14 it looks like some kind of spun sugar(before the mango)
    and I’d order 4 mushroom kebabs on the spot.Delicious! I love the mushroom pretty how it looks like rushes.This eating out is right up my
    street..the prices are ridiculously low too. Fresh food right there..nice
    one Steve.

  6. Sabai Sabai สบาย สบาย

    This is dried seafood maybe dried squid strips, followed by dried prawns
    and dried little fish. The mushrooms were definitely the highlight there
    are so many different varieties here. I like the oyster/elephant ear (1:24)
    for quick stir fries. I can’t see any prices but i think the mushroom kebab
    was 10 baht only!

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