Thai Food Dessert – Bua Loy

By | November 29, 2013

This is a favorite Thai dessert among Thai locals. I show you how to make this Thai recipe and introduce a new ingredient that I think just came on the marke…

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10 thoughts on “Thai Food Dessert – Bua Loy

  1. lumloyzap



    Perfect dessert!! Thx so much for this recipe.

  3. comeheredavid

    Thank you so much for your effort and dedication. l can’t wait to make this
    for my friends and family. Thanks again. C :

  4. smilealways06

    I know this dessert is suppose to be eaten warmly. But can it also be eaten
    as a cool dessert?

  5. AnnaMannng

    Ahh, your accent is so cute~ I love these, my mum makes pandan flavour,
    black bean flavour and taro flavour. We eat ours warm though and add sesame
    seeds to the coconut milk ^_^

  6. Shervin Nasrin

    you’ve earned 1 subscription from me 🙂 I love Thai food, I lived in Thai
    for 7 years and now I am living in New Zealand. It is what I miss most
    about Thailand, the food, its just so good.

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