Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Pad Thai

By | December 1, 2013 The world’s most famous and favorite Thai food is here, Pad Thai! I made th…

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25 thoughts on “Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Pad Thai

  1. Joy Buasi

    @Wivanunu Oh! Thank you. I will be careful about it. Mali loves to pull the
    rag down from the counter. It is really scary to have baby running around
    the kitchen.. 🙁

  2. Joy Buasi

    @radbcc Quick look of the ingredients but long look of how to make it..
    haha 🙂

  3. lumloyzap

    มาเป็นกำลังใจครับ…สู้ ๆ

  4. Kehmet14

    @TryThaiFood ฉันไม่เคยเห็นคนไทยกินนิดน้อย 555

  5. Joy Buasi

    @Kehmet14 5555+ หนึ่งจานเติมหลายครั้งค่าาาาา 😀

  6. Kehmet14

    @TryThaiFood จริง ๆ ครับ

  7. Joy Buasi

    @LoveAglow Ah! Thank you! I really like my new stove! You will get to see
    it a lot in the future. haha. 🙂 I will think about vegetarian Thai food
    too. 🙂

  8. Christy X

    Yayyyy! I’m so happy you decided to make Pad Thai! It’s one of my favorite
    dish! Thank you for making the video! Greatly appreciated! ^_^

  9. milkgalaxy

    There is so many types of noodle to choose from. Do you have the cover of
    the noodle you used? Or can you describe the outside of the bag for me.

  10. Joy Buasi

    @milkgalaxy Actually, almost all kind of noodle to can use with this
    recipe, except the yellow noodle. If you can’t find this kind of noodle,
    you can use mung bean noodle as substitution. It’s also test the best!!

  11. hellokitty01ify

    Where can I get the same palm sugar as you. The only one I found is it
    comes in a circle and hard and yours is different. Yours is easier to scoop.

  12. Joy Buasi

    @hellokitty01ify I saw some people just use regular sugar though. 🙂 It
    doesn’t taste much different. Palm sugar gives more aromatic smell and
    smoother sweet.

  13. zero7607

    this is real Thai styles you should try it

  14. pinayvacavilleUSA

    i love your video so much and helped me learn to cook i love thai food so
    much, im from california usa can you pls tell me where i can get your
    pretty new stove i want to have one thank you!

  15. Joy Buasi

    @pinayvacavilleUSA Hahaha.. I told you. My new stove looks so beautiful and
    luxurious. :)))) I got from the store near by my house. It broke, after 2
    months. (my husband fixed it) Then, I tried to contact the company neither
    their email or website works! … 🙂 right now when I want to start my
    stove, I have to stick my finger under the starter to squeeze the spring.
    What I tried to say is, I live in south of Thailand and none of the stuff
    with no brand name works properly! 🙂

  16. acoow

    @hellokitty01ify The “puck” of palm sugar will work just fine. It will
    dissolve into the sauce as it gets wet. Just break it up and stir it in.

  17. Newdlez TV

    The green stuff is sold as “Kow Choi” or chinese chives in Chinese
    supermarkets. At least here in the UK.

  18. Katia Kaiser

    I love your recipes!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, your videos are great!
    😀 KopunKa!!!

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