Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Pad Priao Wan (Sweet and Sour Stir Fry)

By | December 4, 2013

You can substituted pork with chicken, fry fish, shrimps or even mushroom if you are vegetarian. For the people who don’t like spicy food or can’t eat spicy …

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16 thoughts on “Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Pad Priao Wan (Sweet and Sour Stir Fry)

  1. jdoggaydog

    Looks yummy! Cute baby too! The only thing I worry about is raw pork next
    to veggies. Maybe it was cooked long enough though.

  2. whadidusay

    you are such a great cook!! keep up the great videos 🙂

  3. sheena9090

    your baby is so cute, especially when you are asking if it’s tasty, and she
    replies no it’s not 🙂 cute thanks for sharing

  4. ChaChaDave

    Hi. This looks delicious. I love this style of food!

  5. successfull88

    Great Video…Your daughter is so adorable!

  6. Joy Buasi

    @jdoggaydog I was thinking about that too but it should be cook while I was
    cooking the veggies?? 😀 haha.. hope I will be ok. Watch out my next video
    raw meat outside the fridge. :)) That’s even more scary.

  7. Joy Buasi

    @sheena9090 Hahaha it was so funny right?? After I spend so much time on
    cooking and she said no I don’t want it.. I forgot to translate what she
    said in the video..

  8. ameykins

    Oh my gosh your daughter is so so so adorable! I love when you can hear her
    just chatting away in the background of your videos. 🙂 Also, every time I
    see one of your videos I know I’m going to have to add more items to my
    grocery list and this was no exception, the food looks so great and tasty!
    (Even though your daughter says no! :P)

  9. Joy Buasi

    @ameykins Thank you for your comment. (^___^) I am so happy to know that
    everyone love the food I cook, even when you are just seeing them.. Even
    when Mali is the only person saying NO, I still love cooking.


    Looks so delicious!! Thx for this recipe Joy!!

  11. Joy Buasi

    @ilikethewok Thank you for your visitting ka. 🙂

  12. Kehmet14

    น่ารักทารกนา ทำไมไม่กิน

  13. Greg k

    nice video! I shared your video to a friend of mine as well.

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