Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Dtom Sab!

By | December 5, 2013 – my site! This is how to make a local Thai food favorite – Dtom Sab. I learned to make this Thai cuisine from my family in the n…

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15 thoughts on “Thai Food Cooking Tutorial: Dtom Sab!

  1. Hugo Brown

    Pork Bone Ribs are nice… I love Dtom Sab , but not many make it in
    Australia…. I really like these new tutorials joy… Khob khun Krub

  2. Maeshoua Xiong

    I’m sooooo glad your back & cooking!!! I’ve literally tried all of your
    food tutorials!!! Hmmm I have a request also….Do you know how to make
    Nam? Spicy Thai Fermented Pork Sausages? I’d love if you can make a
    tutorial for that =DDD

  3. oumsker

    อยากกินมว๊ากกกกกกกกกกกกก 555555

  4. whadidusay

    that looks great with some rice yummmm….

  5. komokujin

    I don’t think there are stock powders that don’t use msg. If the label
    doesn’t say msg it usually has it disquised under another name, that’s the
    way it is in America atleast. Can this be made without any stock powder?
    Should it be made with a natural home made stock instead or can it just be
    left out? I know it would be delicious with it in there but I am health
    concious and wish not to use MSG.

  6. Joy Buasi

    @msyxtyx Muhaaahaaahaa… my mom talks about Nam EVERY DAY since she saw
    the soft bone from pork. Do you know it taste the best??? 🙂 fermented soft
    bone… YUM!!! But with my mom health condition, doctor tell her to stop
    fermented stuff.. She requests to have her Plara for an exemption… I will
    do that in the soon future as it is also my favorite. 🙂

  7. Joy Buasi

    @oumsker เอิ้กๆๆๆ อุ๋มเอ๋ยย จัดเต็มให้ตัวเองหนึ่งถ้วย ด่วน! 🙂

  8. Joy Buasi

    @brownhugo Please try that ka! 🙂 It is very easy. With hot Jasmine rice
    and have that for lunch.. Aroi Mak!!

  9. Joy Buasi

    @komokujin Hi! I found one instant bar of broth… 🙂 I will update the
    photo on my blog as soon as I get the camera ready. It is charging right
    now. Once I have it update, I’ll send you a message.

  10. Maeshoua Xiong

    @TryThaiFood Aww I’m sorry to hear about your mom, I know how much it sucks
    when your suspended from eating your favorite food = ( . I LOVE SOFT
    BONE!!! wow that’s the perfect combo then! I can’t wait for your tutorial!
    =DDD & thnk you for doing what you do, everyday my husband gets to eat
    yummy dishes because of you!!!

  11. loginz1176

    หาติวโตเรียลภาษาไทยแบบละเอียดอย่างนี้ไม่ได้เลย -0- ขอลอกสูตรด้วยคนนะครับ
    ขอบคุณจริงๆ ติวโตเรียลละเอียดมาก 🙂

  12. Pimsleur Approach

    Dtom Sab! Thai cooking tutorial with Joy

  13. Peniscat88

    This was very nice to watch. You have a very pleasant manner.

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