THAI FOOD basil chicken fried rice

By | December 2, 2013 for more Thai cooking video recipes. In this episode Dim and Cathy Geefay cook Thai basil chicken fried rice . Thai recipes, T…

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25 thoughts on “THAI FOOD basil chicken fried rice

  1. banky bank

    ที่นั่นเขาไม่มีตะหลิวเหรอฮะ ???

  2. Om Isri

    that’s wrong. the real basil chicken must be spicier and have only basil!

  3. Outdoor Cooling Systems

    You might be thai but you are also a jerk! This recipe is delicious!

  4. Trixie Marigold

    oh ya, thanks for the knife smashing tip…

  5. SyfyNinja

    I’ve done this exact recipe now at least 5 times and every single time it
    tastes so good I want to sew my ass shut so that I can keep that Basil Thai
    chicken fried rice with me for ever!!

  6. sam lee

    thaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

  7. FoodSummit

    Sounds so good! Thank you for sharing the recipe! 😀

  8. Linda Colgan

    hello, love your cooking videos. Just love the both of you great mom and
    daughter team:) Have a wonderful day, Linda

  9. domcha131

    lord thank u for thai people, makes my life a zillion times better

  10. William Lane

    We made this with 3 of the chilis…the entire family loved it…even the
    one’s that don’t like spicy food! The wife said this one’s a keeper.

  11. swaybelly321

    That guy doesn’t understand it, he is the typical wanna-be food snob.

  12. kb27787

    “obliviously”? You know… sometimes I doubt you even know your own
    language XD Your usage of google translate is laughable at best… since
    everything you input comes out in polite form, leading to a weirded-out
    sentence esp when you want to insult someone. (oh and some euphemisms dont
    carry across translations) Look at all the Thai comments here and you will
    see I’m not the only one. My point still stands; food targeted to Americans
    automatically somehow taste worse than the original versions

  13. eddieisfiction

    it’s pretty obvious that someone who is used to thai cuisine made with
    completely thai ingredients would find that a better and more original
    cuisine than made in another country. Just like trying to eat american food
    in another country tastes worse. I know i’ve done it. I’ve tried mexican
    food in mexico and the US. US makes it slightly worse. But… if you have
    it in Europe… its even worse. The further you get from the origin of the
    cuisine… the more different it becomes. Fact of Life

  14. naanza2535

    I countenance for do continue for thai food to popular around to many
    country thank you from some thai people ^_^ but women in violet shirt pound
    chili and garlic is vigorous….

  15. Thomas Mace

    Just made this exactly as you show. It’s delicious and the flavor profile
    is remarkably complex for such a simple set of ingredients. The smashed
    Thai bird’s eye chilies create little explosions of heat and flavor. A big
    squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of phrik nam plah round it out perfectly.
    What a wonder food tradition. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  16. ascal

    You and your mother are very nice and you both work fantastic together. You
    have a very cute mother (and smart also). I like watching your video very
    much. Thanks for posting. Are you making some more cooking video? PLEASE
    do. Bij the way I’ve already made this fried rice several times and LOVE
    it. We live in Holland.

  17. so0tje

    I dont know. She/he has a point. I live in Europe and the Asian food is
    even more non-Asian than in the states. They do adjust to what the costumer
    wants. Some import products might be expensive like some fish. But peppers
    are grown everywhere. That shouldn’t be expensive. So, it is adjusted to
    what the costumer wants,

  18. eddieisfiction

    To some degrees yes, but not really as much as you think. It also depends
    on what side of a town you live in and what people like… but its mainly
    about food availability and pricing. If someone offered me an authentic
    thai dish with all of the correct ingredients, I would probably take it
    over an americanized version of it… Of course, its also going to cost a
    good deal more.

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