Thai Food at the Bangkok Weekend Market, Jatujak or JJ Market 2013 World Street Food

By | November 28, 2013

A Thai food journey through Thailand’s, and possibly the world’s largest outdoor market. Known as The Bangkok Weekend Market, Chatuchak, ตลาดนัดจตุจักร, Jatu…

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24 thoughts on “Thai Food at the Bangkok Weekend Market, Jatujak or JJ Market 2013 World Street Food

  1. msdeety

    Can you please do video tutorials for red curry shrimp, rama peanut
    chicken, curry fried rice, and spicy basil chicken? I love thai food and
    those are my favorite dishes! <3

  2. CookingThaiFood

    Thank you! Yes, anyone can post our videos on their own web site as long as
    they use the YouTube code provided on the video page for sharing.

  3. United Computers

    Thank you…we will take care of the embedding shortly. We have a large
    client database, so you can expect lots more hits.

  4. Josianne van Aanholt

    Excellent video, and your English is very well spoken!!!!

  5. Kimpo Bun

    Amazing place to visit …..hopefully somedays …love the foods and the

  6. Becca8116

    Good to hear! I’ll be there June-Sept and was worrying about the weather!

  7. C.J. Gillespie

    Very entertaining and you have a nice charm about you. I actually really
    liked the song, I thought it made it even more entertaining. It made me
    decide to subscribe. Thanks for doing this!

  8. chevrolet0219

    Very interesting and beautiful video, thank you for posting in Youtube…

  9. 22lovejon

    Great video your a natural presenter well done

  10. trinh nguyen

    Where did I not see these amazing things when I went to Thailand in summer
    2011?? :(( I did visit JJ Market and I couldn’t find this food place! I
    really want to go there again! Can you please recommend me which hotel I
    should stay in BKK? I once stayed at The Royal City Hotel, it was just
    fantastic but quite expensive!

  11. TheWickedEdges

    good video, but that song is sooooo annoying!!!

  12. poelingoer

    Great video, That song made me want to stab myself in the eye with a 2B

  13. Zenred Hair Salon Bangkok

    JJ is an absolutely huge Market – make sure you get there nice and early!

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