Thai Basil

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Catering menu Thai Basil restaurant 2431 J Street, Sacramento, Ca 95816 916-442-7690, fax. 916-442-7681 Please fill out the form below for price estimate.

【Dinner Appetizers】 1. Thai Spring Rolls Golden fried vegetable spring rolls served with a homemade plum sauce. 3.75 2. Satay Marinated chicken strips on skewers served with peanut sauce, cucumber salad.

SOUPS Tom Yum-Soup: Thai Hot & Sour Soup (g) (v) Infused by lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, onions, cilantro mushroom and a touch of lime juice and roasted curry

Family owned and operated, Thai Orchid Restaurant has been serving fresh, flavorful, and healthy Thai food in the Portland Metro Area since 1992.

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JASMINE THAI RESTAURANT Hours Monday – Thursday 11:00am – 3:00pm Lunch THAI BASIL FRIED RICE!$11.50 Stir-fried rice dish onion, bell pepper and fresh basil with a mild spicy basil sauce. Chicken, beef, or pork.! 57. THAI FRIED RICE!

Welcome to Sukho Thai The name Sukhothai comes from the first Kingdom of Thailand not under Khmer rule. The Kingdom existed from 1238 until 1438.

Supattra Thai Restaurant 19. Moo Phad Kra – Pao – £9.25 Tender sliced pork stir-fried with fresh Thai sweet basil, green beans, red & green chillies.

THAI HOUSE RESTAURANT *** APPETIZERS *** Thai House Wrap $10.95 Lettuce wrapped of ground prawns, chicken, Jicama, pecan, green onion, crispy noodle with sweet and sour sauce.

At a recent trip to my local farmer's market, I couldn't pass up a beautiful bunch of Thai basil. Thai basil leaves are a little smaller and there is

Garlic, green leaf lettuce, red onions, Thai basil, and Thai peppers. Eveything Jasmine) immediately. Kent enjoyed the Thai Basil. He said it had a minty

So today we finally got around to harvesting the Thai basil from the gutter system. The plants had become very large and produced

NYTD.Video.Factory.create(cfg); }); })(config); })(); // ]]> Wondering how to keep the Thai basil in your daiquiri from turning black? Just splash it with a frosty puff of liquid nitrogen

On a huge Thai kick, so I decided to make this low calorie meal. Spicy Thai Basil Chicken Ingredients 2 tablespoons chili oil 3-4 cloves