By | December 7, 2013

Arriving the first day at Bangkok, we get the hotel booked for 7 nights. This hotel is well deserved with the sky train, the train station is in front of it,…


5 thoughts on “THAI 2013 – BANGKOK NASA VEGAS HOTEL

  1. minh bach Ho

    First day arriving Bangkok, discover the booked hotel´╗┐

  2. darkoworld69

    Nice video but I wish you showed the rooms. Cheers!

  3. minh bach Ho

    Unfortunately I didn’t get room picture cause this one is a normal little
    room but acceptable with TV, AC, minibar, private restroom and queen size
    bed for 2, specially when I paid 15usd/day tax included. The hotel has
    different category of rooms, luxurious room for business man and rich
    tourist too but different price, My personal opinion is it’s no need to pay
    expensive big room just to come back late the evening to sleep & showing my
    room can make wrong idea, not representative of the hotel.

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