Team Quest Chiang Mai Thailand Tour

By | December 2, 2013

720HD Take a look at the new Team Quest MMA Gym in Chiang Mai Thailand: Go to – for a full review of the new gym, including grappl…

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4 thoughts on “Team Quest Chiang Mai Thailand Tour

  1. sapalorbuddah

    Thanks johnny, Great Clip. I will train at team quest, looks neat and
    clean. Do you know if there are battle ropes ? Kindley

  2. Team Quest Thailand

    Tour Team Quest Thailand in Chaing Mai with Johnny from

    Team Quest Chiang Mai Thailand Tour!

  3. SparksHealth

    Thanks Johnny I like the vids on the places you visit abd what to pack

  4. Fred Santiago

    Free water? Doesn’t every gym in Thailand provide free water? Joel Bowen?
    I’ve never heard of this guy.

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