Take Son with me on retirement to Thailand

By | October 21, 2013

by Stan
(Brisbane, Australia)

Hi Kevin,

Can i take my son with me to Thailand after i get my (AO) retirementvisa? I think he needs a dependant visa (O), but he is 18 and i do not know what the age limit is?

I know for Malaysia and the Philippines he has to be under 21 years old, he is 18.


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Take Son with me on retirement to Thailand

Retirement Visa For Thailand
by: Kevin(Webmaster)

Hi Stan

Many thanks for visiting our website & for making contact. This is quite an interesting question you pose!.

I assume that the question is “does Thailand consider an 18 year old to still be a dependent or not?”.

Personally if I were you I would be posing this question to the Thailand Embassy / Consulate in Australia as they will have the definitive answer for you, as I am not sure myself at what age Thailand assumes that your son is no longer dependent upon you.

Kind Regards