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Top Five Destinations For Medical Tourism

Top five destinations for medical tourism….medical tourism or the practice of travelling to a foreign land for surgical procedures is a trend that is fast picking up in America. According to an international medical journal the medical tourism  industry is a $40 billion industry with more than 400000 Americans alone travelling to foreign shores for… Read More »

Medical Tourism in Thailand

  Medical Tourism to Thailand is Booming! Medical tourism to Thailand is booming!, the reasons for this are very easy to understand: * speed of receiving non-essential treatments – in most developed countries there are extended waiting times for low-priority treatments. * healthcare in ALL Western countries is very expensive, in some countries its downright exhorbitant!. Both… Read More »

The Jim Thompson House, Bangkok

The Jim Thompson House & Museum in Bangkok serves as the perfect living showcase of how he lived his life whilst in Thailand. Think Jim Thompson, think Thai silks!, although Jim was originally trained as an architect, he immediately fell in love with the rustic design of the traditional Thai houses and built his own home in… Read More »

The Bridge of Life – Thailand

A retired American businessman, and a Serbian engineer have joined together to provide children from four of Thailand’s diverse rural hill tribes with a better future through the establishment of a residential village in Phrao, northern Thailand. The mission statement of the Bridge of Life is quite simple. “We try everyday to make a difference in the lives of… Read More »

The Wonderful Destinations of South Korea & the City Seoul

by Harriet Bond (San Francisco, CA, USA) You’ve probably heard lots of North Korea. Since their cruel dictator has passed away his son has taken over his spot. Although North Korea is being painted in some bad color right now the south part of their country is free and alive! Here are some wonderful destinations… Read More »