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Thai Vegetarian Food

Finding truly Thai Vegetarian Recipes for food that meet the full criteria of “vegetarianism” within Thailand is no simple matter, as I discovered recently!!. Contrary to popular belief the majority of Thai Vegetable food dishes arenot actually suitable for vegetarian’s, as they are typically prepared using ingredients such as fish sauce & oyster sauce, even the seed based sesame sauce can quite often… Read More »

Thailand – “The Traveler’s Paradise”

by Jitesh Arora (Ukraine) Wat Phra Sri Rattana Satsadaram, Bangkok, Thailand Tourism is a major economic factor in Thailand, which in fact started when US soldiers started arriving there for rest and recuperation in 1960s, during the Vietnam War period. At the same period international mass tourism also sharply increased due to many reasons. Rise… Read More »

Staying Safe In Thailand for Tourists

You will find that Thailand, the Land of Smiles, is among the safest of tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and Thailand safety for tourists is one of the country’s top priorities. However, just like anywhere else, it has its share of risks that the prudent traveler should be aware of. By making yourself aware of… Read More »