Sukhumvit Road Girls – Bangkok Thailand Night Life

By | November 27, 2013

CLICK link to see Sukhumvit Road Girls – Bangkok Thailand Night Life The girls on Sukhumvit Road are popular among visitors. Sukh…


25 thoughts on “Sukhumvit Road Girls – Bangkok Thailand Night Life

  1. flasho2000

    The McDonalds is on Sukhumvit Road Soi 5, to be exact. I live about a 12
    minute walk from that McDonalds. Can’t think of one good reason I’d leave
    this area, this city, to return to the USA. Wish I could have moved here 10
    years earlier.

  2. Sternhof

    might even be stupid to ask, but were most of these women hookers? I think
    they probably are, because what the fuck is the point just hanging out in
    one place doing nothing but grabbing hands and making small talk with
    single men.

  3. John Pointing

    great video, what time of the night was this ?

  4. Mark Irwin

    I’ve been back once and I didn’t see the girls when I went back. The first
    time I did. What time should one go to see the girls? I just enjoy the
    talks and even when play them into free. lol

  5. none

    I have to learn the “maybe later” line for sure………

  6. Reagan Morgan

    geez so many that you are walking by “maybe next time” and their so many
    gorgeous ladies

  7. LendMeYourHand

    What guy wouldnt want to get a cheezy job and cheap ass apartment & get
    laid by a beautiful women for every day of the week. You would give up your
    citizenship to die this way. CRAZY!!!?? ><

  8. LendMeYourHand

    You have great videos, the best ones. I wish you would talk with them

  9. missygolf2012

    There are many beautiful nightlife places in Bangkok . ( Temple ,
    restaurants ) These are just a few places

  10. Ben McCrea

    This starts off outside Starbucks near Soi 3/4 and then he continues long
    the north side of Sukhumvit Road passed Mc D’s and the area known as the
    bus stop. Later he goes further along the north side passed the Sofitel and
    Thermae bar and passed the Westin Hotel.

  11. x1m2p3

    is it just me or there was some guy’s dress like girls…?! o.O looks like
    if you find a couple of ladies you can have a great time there…!!!

  12. Mohamad Simo

    i miss this street i have spent one week there amazing never sleep

  13. chris hayes

    Josh,I like your video….you sound a nice guy and respect the girls… I
    have been to Thailand since 1995 and behave the same way… Respect is
    everything in the land of smile,thank-you.

  14. Ben McCrea

    This video has cost me a lot of money. Great advert for Bangkok and Thailand

  15. Dontdisstheguy33

    Yo I just want ti out it out there that not of all Bangkok is kike what
    this Canadian dude put up here. He happened to be in the part of town that
    has many working girls which I dibt mind. But you all should know that
    there is more to this city and country than what you saw on this vids. If
    you live here long enough you’d understand.

  16. Gencturk92

    Canada is so nice dude, I wish I could go live there, better country than

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