By | December 9, 2013

A look at Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Rd Soi’s 1 to 19, Soi by Soi.



  1. Gary Brown

    excellent, remember Thermae old entrance well. I was there 1982, 83, 84 and
    92 accurate!!!!

  2. Lay Nara

    รักเมืองไทยมากที่สุด เห็นภาพ-วีดีโอ-ของกิน ฯลฯ
    อะไรๆในยูทูบจากประเทศไทยไม่ได้เลย คิดถึงเมืองไทยทันที ไปไหนต่อไหนมาก็ 5-6
    ประเทศแล้ว อย่างไรก็สู้เมืองไทยของเราไม่ได้
    ขนาดแฟนยังร้องกลับแต่ประเทศไทยเลย แกล้งถามแฟนว่า
    ถ้าคุณมาเงินเป็นมหาเศรษฐีคุณจะไปเที่ยวที่ไหนบ้าง หรือ จะเที่ยวรอบโลกไหม
    แฟนตอบว่าทุกคนถ้ามีเงินแล้วคงอยากให้กำไรชีวิต แต่ส่วนตัวผม
    ผมขอหอบเงินกลับประเทศไทยหมดเลยไม่ไปไหนทั้งนั้น น่ารักจริงๆพอเราได้ฟังแล้ว
    แล้วตัวคุณล่ะ (เราน่ะเหรอ….จะเหลือหรือ 555) เพราะเมืองไทยคือวิมานของเรา

  3. Lost & Found Travel

    Dig the audio too. Great central location to see Bangkok.

  4. old45s

    I’ve never stayed there but have had breakfast there twice plus called in
    for a coffee on occasions. Very clean and modern. I sat by the window and
    watched the passing parade, I remember during the floods I had to step over
    the little brick wall they constructed to stop any water so that I could
    get in the door.

  5. kksd2

    Excellent Video! 2011 was one of the only years I did not visit Bangkok
    (due to the floods) .. Now I know what is on Sukhumvit Road ! khob khun
    krub !!!!!!

  6. kilakre

    Hahaha I love that taxi trip at the beginning. It reminds of the trip from
    the airport and you get that feeling you know it’s on! Party time!!!

  7. PattayaDIRTY

    This is where the filthy western sex tourists hang out. It stinks.

  8. arpeggiatorful

    I swear there’s more in Pattaya though, not all of them but a lot hahahaha

  9. bassplayer40

    i was there while the floods where on, it was ok if you stayed away from
    the area’s under water, i also traveled up north while the floods where on,
    there was alot of the country under water at the time

  10. baddoggie101

    Thank you for inviting us to roll in the gutter with you but we will

  11. joshjazant3

    This place and Thailand as a whole is awesome. Been their 3 times with the
    wife and she loves it too, try it with your mates !

  12. chiangmai1963

    Don’t be so sanctimonious. Maybe the OP did enjoy BKK and simply wanted to
    share their knowledge of the area with others.

  13. Clinton Plaza

    OMG, what an AWESOME clip! I know this area well and when I saw the
    “exchange” at the 2:44 mark it rushed me out. We stopped there one night on
    our way out of town and my gf at the time got into a rather “brisk”
    discussion with the guy about the initial amount he had offered me. She was
    obviously right as he forked over another 1800 or so baht! The clip from
    8:06 on is SPOT ON sandbags at the entrance to The Thermae is something I
    was unaware of. And yes, the guys inside wore brown shirts and when you
    ordered two Heinekens they would repeat it and write it on a pad. GR8 clip
    man, thx 4 postin! So broke my heart when they razed CLINTONPLAZA, spent
    many nights at the outside bars there (You And Me, Popeye Bar) taking in
    this amazing city!

  14. 1000frolly

    I stayed at the Grace in 1975; there were no arabs there than, only

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