Staying 3 months at the Walai Guesthouse – Fav memory

By | June 29, 2013

by Bflirty

Front entrance to Walai Guesthouse, Chiang Mai

Front entrance to Walai Guesthouse, Chiang Mai

I think the best part of staying in Chiang Mai was actually the guest house we booked. Originaly we had booked for 1 month – but it turned into 3!

The guesthouse was in a Thai neighborhood where there were hardly any tourists. So we were away from the main touristy areas.

We also made friends with the owners who took it upon themselves to make sure we had the most Thai experience of Thailand possible. Trying every food available – even a sauce made from ants eggs!

We had movie nights, food nights, game nights. Tours of the surrounding area and when we left the owners took us to the famous Chiang Mai Zoo as a farewell.

– Other favorite things were the markets, the area where all the Hilltribe silversmiths sold their wares by the city gate, making many many Thai friends, Lady boys!!! LOL, mango and sticky rice, and all theĀ beautifulchildren