Stavanger Norway

By | September 23, 2013

by Bob Peers

Stavanger Cathedral

Stavanger Cathedral

Stavanger and its Attractions
Since Stavanger in Norway is a well known oil Town, I would suggest a visit to the OIL MUSEUM. It is only a short walking distance from the town centre and very easy to find.

Here you will see miniature drilling rigs, supply boats, models, original artifacts from the oil industry, photographs and films. There is also cinema that seats 70 people. You can visit the library, museum shop, café and restaurant.

A word of caution though :=( both the café and restaurant are expensive.

Opening hours:
1 June – 31 August:
Open daily 10 – 19

1 September – 31 May:
Monday – Saturday 10 – 16
Sunday 10 – 18

Market and City Center
The City has become a very popular tourist attraction and visitors arrive from many parts of the world to experience it.

The number of cruise ships visiting the city has steadily grown over the years from just a few, to well over 70, and it is expected that in 2009 the number will reach to over 100.

As this city is so close to the European continent and the UK, it is very nicely situated in the south-western corner of Norway.

Many of the attractions are very close to each other, and cruise shipsdock right in the city centre near the oldest part of the town.

Take a short stroll along the harbour, past the numerous pubs and restaurants and you arrive at the lovely market place with the fish market right opposite. This used to be an open air market but recently it has been moved indoors.

The charming city centre, with its narrow cobbled streets and main shopping centre lies at the back of the market.

Again a further word of warning :=( in this part of the city it is very expensive in both the pubs and the shops. but having said that, the products sold at the market are very reasonable.

Very near the market is the old Cathedral, built approximately in the year 1125. The bishop at time was Reginald and the history books tell us he came originally from England, maybe Winchester.

Eating Out
Stavanger offers a wide variety of pubs, bars and restaurants and nearly all of them are gathered together in the same area of the city centre. The area is called Vågen, pronounced the same as the English word draw.

There are 30 to 40 pubs and restaurants were you can sit outside weather permitting, and enjoy the local brewed beer (pils). Most of them offer known brands like Carlsberg, Guinness, Budweiser and many of the lagers.

My favorite pub is “The Irishman”. This is the only Irish pub in the city and is frequented by many different nationalities.

Many of the foreign tourists always head back here on return visits to the city.

The Irishman also has live traditional music on a regular basis.

Recently on a night out in Stavanger we visited a Thai resuarant for a change from the usual chinese meal:=)

I must say I was suprised.The sevice was wonderful as was the food.

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by: Anonymous

As a former ex-pat in Stavanger, I have an insatiable curiosity about what the city is like now. I would have enjoyed more photos (or is my browser missing something?).