Spirit Worship – Daily Offerings

By | September 27, 2013

by Alan Her

Daily Offerings at a Spirit House

Daily Offerings at a Spirit House


I really enjoy browsing around on your website. I had a few questions. The first question is about the daily offerings to the spirits.

Do they keep adding to the offerings and clean all the offerings up after a week or do they remove the offerings from the previous day?

If they remove them, do they just throw them away or do they reuse the flowers, fruits, bottles of water, etc. for their own use in their houses or eat fruits or drink the bottles of water. I wouldn’t want to throw away good food/water.

Also, another question I have is regarding worshiping monks (pictures) and amulets. Do people worship monks and amulets with food and drinks too? What are common ways to worship pictures of monks and amulets?

Any help would be of great appreciation. I am starting to be more spiritual and would like to worship some monks, spirits, and amulets, along with Buddha.


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Spirit Worship – Daily Offerings

Spirit Houses – Daily Offerings
by: Kevin (Administration)


Many thanks for your interesting questions, I will endeavour to answer them as accurately as possible.

1/ in terms of Animism (the worshipping of spirits) the fresh flowers, fruits, foods & water offered daily to the spirits by being placed in the spirit houses (strictly speaking) are changed daily, with all the “offered” items being recycled wherever possible, according to Buddhist faith nothing should be wasted!.

2/ the practice of performing the “Wai”(Thai greeting)& prayers to images & photos of highly revered dead Theravada Buddhist monks & amulets is as both a sign of deep respect for the monks & the Lord Buddha & as a request that the spirits of the departed bring forth “lucky” upon the recipient.

Thai people in general are both incredibly sensitive to upsetting the spirits & believe that by regular visits to both the local “miracle man”(fortune teller) & by prayers to the departed will bring forth untold riches (the Thai Government Lottery)!!.

The day of the lottery there are literally 1,000’s of “lucky” lottery ticket sellers along every road throughout Thailand!.

Many thanks for your questions, which I hope we have been able to help you with. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us again.