South East Asia – Full Moon Party, Go Pro, Backpacking

By | December 4, 2013

SE Asia Project This video was made on my 6 week vacation to South East Asia. Places we visited: Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Vietn…

full moon party

17 thoughts on “South East Asia – Full Moon Party, Go Pro, Backpacking

  1. Jay Muller

    Hey dude. First off, you had my eyes from beginning to end – great footage
    and it looks like you had a blast. I’m going January 5 – April 4 2014,
    putting together my rough itinerary and am looking for some tips and
    recommendations. I know you may not have the time, but if you do want to
    send me over some of those remote places you went to and other tips I’d
    greatly appreciate it – If not, I totally
    understand. Thanks in advance.

  2. Oliver Bray

    Amazing video Michael, it really shows off some of the incredible things
    you can see in Southeast Asia we absolutely love it. I would love to send
    this to other people planning on travelling in Southeast Asia as it really
    works well with some of our trip itineraries.

  3. Oliver Bray

    have a look at this one Jay for some inspiration.

  4. VoiceOpinion

    Lovely and such an awesome video and trip. I am flying out to South Korea
    and then to Laos for 4 weeks starting this Friday!!! 🙂

  5. Michael B

    Overall I think about $4000 including flights from Australia – that’s 5.5
    weeks in SE Asia

  6. David Seter

    Sweet video buddy! What dates were you away? Can you give us an update on
    Vang Vieng? Is it back up and running??/ Cheers bloke.

  7. Alejandro munin

    Great Video dude!.. Im planning to do it in 2015.. were u far away from
    China?.. we are trying to make it there.. thailand, laos, vietnam and china
    I have 6 weeks…

  8. Drew Binsky

    hey guys! Please check out my new travel blog giving you advice for the
    best local foods and nightlife around the world! All from my experiences
    studying abroad in Prague and now teaching English in Korea. Thanks in
    advance 🙂 The Hungry Partier: thehungrypartier(.)com

  9. Ohmahgizzle

    Man that looked awesome. gonna be doing similar trip soon, any
    recommendations. How did you guys find all them cool hidden swimming spots
    and all them cool events? also, how many people did you travel with?

  10. appolloyates

    Awesome Video!! Loved it! Thank you for sharing!

  11. heynub123

    how long did it take for you to save up that much money for the gap year?
    and did you have a full time job before you went on trip? and how long did
    you work for to save up for your trip? I’m thinking of taking a gap year
    too before i go to uni

  12. Chris Walstead

    Awesome footage, can’t wait to go there. Did you go with mates or travel

  13. RunDirection

    Cool video Michael! I went to Cambodia and Thailand and made a video too.
    Let me know what you think! /watch?v=6CQO0sttJ6o

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