Songkran Water Festival 2008

By | December 10, 2013

Traveling Home in 2008 (part 3 of 3) Shot and edited by JP Coakley.

songkran festival

25 thoughts on “Songkran Water Festival 2008

  1. Klapse80

    hahaha i was there…….best party in the world….next year again

  2. Michele Yong

    fantastic footage captured and great editing work. i like the way you
    pieced everything together and made the event look so fun!

  3. sabotos

    I wouldnt want to be soaked in that water they were pulling up out of the
    old city moat. Eurg. Good times!

  4. Wade Taylor

    What is the name of the song in this ?


    This looks frickin amazing! Shame the UK doesn’t have massive waterfight! I
    want to go. ANother one of the awesome traditions form across the globe.
    Has anyone ever been to La Tomatina?

  6. tehleeroy

    YEAAAH Songkran! Was in Chiang Mai Songkran 2006, madest three days of my
    life =) Love to all you Thailand-Lovers

  7. pearl kim

    haha wait chiangmai!! I’m going there for sonkran!


    I used to go to 2011 and then last year. District, Chiang Mai real good

  9. Gegarace

    @Robertnuns you can’t blame us that thai people is stupid. it’ll show how
    stupid u r. thailand isn’t that bad even government is bad. it doesn’t
    matter. if u know real us u’ll love us. sorry for bad eng languege.

  10. brandonman94

    This festival is completely turning the direction of my RTW trip I’m
    planning, I think. I HAVE to be here during Songkran!!!!! 😀

  11. TheJordysomaori

    @brandonman94 My mates and i are going to next years one (Y) Should be fun!

  12. TheBelle Sac

    Yay! Thailand! I wonder is there Americans coming to my country

  13. Ratinan Choochaimangkhala

    Happy Songkran!

    We celebrate Songkran festival (or Thai new year) from 13 to 15 April.
    However, the government usually announces more holiday so it lasts four to
    five days.

    We visit family, go to a temple, and throw water.

    April is the hottest month of the year, and it is the school holidays, so
    we all enjoy throwing water. I also do.

  14. Paul Ketteringham

    Hi JP Coakley. Amazing footage! Love the editing and music. I just got back
    from Thailand and got to experience the Songran Water Festival. I
    unfortunately didn’t have a camera to take any video footage that was
    waterproof (and I was busy shooting water pistols!). I’d love a copy of it!
    If only youtube allowed it. Each time I watch this clip, it reminds me of
    being there.. 🙂 If your willing to email it to me, I’d be so grateful.
    pketts24 at If not, I understand 🙂

  15. admappr

    They do this at my school for the last day.

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