Songkran in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By | November 25, 2013

Thai New Year, the ‘Water Festival’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

chiang mai

25 thoughts on “Songkran in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. jarion05

    okay, where the fuck is the wet t-shirt contest?, and the wet boxers
    contest? aha! i must say this is one lame way to celebrate a new year. i’d
    rather just take a nice clean shower! what if those water were piss-water.

  2. Kyle Kagan

    Yes, the women of Thailand are great and do make great wives. However, be
    aware that you may here otherwise from many Western men. These are guys
    that bitch and complain about how their Thai gf/wife screwed them over. But
    when you seek out a prostitute from a bar, that is perhaps around half your
    age, what the hell do you expect? Sorry, I am just tired of the old western
    men that complain like this. They never meet the tons of great women that a
    younger guy like yourself would meet.

  3. lonelinezx

    I am so proud of my country. I missed the Songkran this year. I maybe
    missing again next year but I will make it in 2010. It is an excellent time
    in Thailand…nowhere else.

  4. pologroundsnyc

    looks really fun adults being kids again nice to see some culturs have not

  5. grooveheorem

    we do….it is called “turn on a hydrant day”……

  6. golf14kmitl

    I think you might be the one who got beaten after you did that. lol don’t
    you believe? go and try it…

  7. GetYaToolsOutGumbo

    Songkram…absolute madness,nice cold bucket of water and a handful of
    flour in your face,long live the king and god bless the great people of

  8. cruisingcouple

    My son lives in Thailand.(for 7 yrs) He prefers North because its safer and
    less crazy, stupid foreign tourists. He lived South, close to Malaysia
    border, and felt unsafe…more bombings.

  9. MimosaFun

    I Love Thailand ! Nice and Happy people. Their Fun, too !

  10. worzysp1

    sweet love it iv been chaing mai 5 times but never songkran only patong

  11. pacyaman

    i was in chiang mai today ..on the water festival n fuk me i got drowned
    with blooming water its orrid lol but fun i threw a big bucket at and tuk
    tuk n he told me off lol it is the most funnest thing ever lol

  12. napoli1965

    I were in Autthaya, Phitsanuloke and Sukhotai for Songkran. The best moment
    in this wonderfull trip ! I hope I can live it again.

  13. publicexposure

    It’s a crazy time and everybody is considered fair game…if you don’t like
    being covered with water, DON’T go outside for 4 days!

  14. petnakorn jongpattana

    c claire ta trop raison sansaiman1, moi j’ai été a chiang mai et pattaya ca
    na rien a voir!!!!! trop cool le songkran…. a voir!

  15. chanthima khlangchan

    you are right ..I am Thai but not from chiangmai..

  16. pondypoo

    songkran has become sooooooo boring now, 10 years ago when i was 8, it was
    awesome, traffic EVERYWHERE, and ice cold water splashing at everybody,
    boozes everywhere, bar girls dancing with LOUD music everywhere, and
    occasionally funny gays with thick make up and exotic (erotic) clothes
    would dance in the middle of the streets, god it was so much fun, now it’s
    just… bleh!

  17. themandude20

    I wonder If all that water being poured on the motorbikes is bad for it…
    I mean those bikes aren’t water proof.

  18. getmedc

    the moat (klong) gets cleaned out before songkran every year. you can swim
    in it during the festival

  19. SaintSausage

    Chiang Mai… I <3 you and miss you!

  20. Roger Snell

    Well I have tried both. Chiang Mai is number one!

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