Songkran Festival in Thailand 2012 (English Version)

By | November 28, 2013

This video shows both the fun and excitement of Songkran, and our own associated traditions. CLICK for more information about Songkran Festival in Thailand. …

songkran festival

25 thoughts on “Songkran Festival in Thailand 2012 (English Version)

  1. Amazing Thailand

    Songkran Festival in Thailand.

  2. nocturnalserpent

    cant attend none of this im in the u.s =(

  3. Kombireisen

    Songkran Festival in Thailand.

  4. Bangkok Beyond

    Feel the spirit of Songkran in Thai way

  5. IamChidchanok

    Proudly to present our Thai Cultural & tradional with Amazing Thailand
    Happy Thai New Year (happy songkran festival) 🙂

  6. Heide Oeldorf-Hirsch

    Nice video! And: Happy New Year!!

  7. IntimateHotel Karnchaisri

    Songkran Festival in Thailand 2012

  8. Victor Fabri

    My wife Antida and I , could have seen so many different places from 2004
    till 2012, and must have booked more then once to a mew country and changed
    my mind the last minute and find my self going back to Thailand again , all
    I ever think about is where to go next in Thailand. we just love this land,
    one could feel Gods greatness beauty in the flora and fauna but what makes
    Thailand special is the people with their humble kindness and respect to
    one another and nothing less to foreigners.

  9. ThailandFamilyLaw

    thailand’s songkran festival is by far the most important event of the year
    for Thais. It’s a time of fun and a special time for new year ritual and
    respect for water and thier elders. check out this video to understand more
    of thai culture youtube 0m8QqfS5T5A

  10. Nalilnipa Onthong

    ฉันรักเมืองไทย = I LOVE THAILAND

  11. leo patrk patrk

    welcome to country where your bank accounts becomes empty after. Thai
    ladies Love ur bank account long time

  12. Benjamin Williams

    MonsoonPhilly go fuck yourself cause this video is real jackass

  13. MrBrituk67

    I did Songkran In Pattaya. Loved it. Best festival I ever attended. Hope to
    repeat again.

  14. 0803049135

    Nakhon Si Thammarat is the oldest city in the kingdom

  15. Sureerat Blume

    Songkran Festival in Thailand 2012 EN version

  16. Ai-lada Chotechuang

    Counting down to Thai New Year- ‘Songkran Festival’ which will be on be on
    next week. Therefore, I would like to introduce how it is. Although this
    VDO clip was the last year one. But I hope you would get idea how Songkran
    is :)

  17. Alvino jun

    and why are they mixing colors in the water ,real sucks !

  18. Anglokom Institut

    สวัสดีปีใหม่ Anglokom Thailand

    We want to wish a Happy New Year to our friends, colleagues and customers
    in Thailand during their Songkran festival.

    Watch a video in English about the festival here: Songkran Festival in
    Thailand 2012 (English Version)

  19. Emmy Tobar

    Beautiful Thailand! Happy New Years!!!

  20. Sunsetlover8

    you’re wrong again…if you ever spent a Songkran day in Thailand, you
    would see the vast majority of people spraying water at passersby are young
    Thais, age 15-25.

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