Songkran Festival, Chiang Mai 2010

By | December 2, 2013

by Sebastien Page
(San Diego, California – USA)

“There’s nowhere on earth like Chiang Mai during Songkran!”

We’ve been in Chiang Mai for less than 24 hours and I am already completely in love with this place!.

We happened to be here during the Songkran Festival ,which is basically the Thai New Year.

Everybody is in the street throwing water at each other. I had heard about it but I had never expected to be so much fun and so jovial!.

After spending two horrible weeks in Vietnam, it’s good to be back inThailand .We were in Bangkok and the Islands a couple months ago and we loved it but we weren’t able to make it to Chiang Mai.

I’m glad we took some more time to come back to Thailand and go to Chiang Mai, especially during the Songkran.

If you ever visit CM during Songkran, make sure NOT to take yourcellphone or camera with you because they’ll be soaked wet 🙂

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