Songkran Festival 2013: Epic Water Fight!

By | December 2, 2013

ADVENTURE TRAVEL☆ Amazing Songkran Water Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2013. Full story here: Every April the Thai new year is…

songkran festival

17 thoughts on “Songkran Festival 2013: Epic Water Fight!

  1. Pause The Moment

    Awesome video Matt! Love when we team up on that guy in the cowboy hat. It
    was cool to see it from another angle. Haha! The only thing this video
    needs is a little more FIREPOWER.

  2. Expert Vagabond

    Yup, my gun was a bit underpowered…

  3. Lost & Found Travel

    “Chiang Mai arguably is the best place to be for this holiday.” could be
    changed to “Chiang Mai arguably is the best place to be.” 🙂 The scope give
    you a lil more First-Person-Shooter feel than PTM. Love it.

  4. MoshaEscapades

    Love it…This video will make Songkran festival as my another excuse to
    travel again to Thailand.

  5. Ash Clark

    Love it man! Couterstrike meets one of my favourite cities in the world!
    haha good job…

  6. Matthew Karsten

    On a mission this month to search for the best adventure travel
    opportunities in Thailand. So far, I’ve hit up Songkran in Chiang Mai and
    had a blast!

    *Any other recommendations for me?*

    You can vote for what I should do here:

    #Thailand #travel

  7. Samuel & Audrey

    Damn cool Matt! I can’t believe I’ve never experienced Songkran given how
    many times I’ve been to Thailand.

  8. Stuart Edwards

    Ha loving the GoPro mounting! 🙂

  9. Vagabond Guide

    Awesome job! Love the unique views.

  10. Vagabond Guide

    Fun video during Songkrab from @expertvagabond!

  11. notspencer

    Do you mount your GoPro on your chest or on your head? Looking into mounts
    for mine.

  12. The Most Alive

    Songkran Festival 2013: Epic Water Fight!@ Songkran Festival 2013: Epic
    Water Fight!

  13. Expert Vagabond

    It was mounted on my water gun with a Pedco Ultra Clamp.

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