Songkran Chiang Mai 2013

By | November 26, 2013

First off, I did not get a good angle for most of the video, due to not being able to see the screen as it was covered in plastic. However, you get the overa…

chiang mai

9 thoughts on “Songkran Chiang Mai 2013

  1. mario maofap

    Happy songkran day Happy Thailand New Year

  2. Guy Gourley

    Thank you! 🙂 I hope it’s a good year for all of us!

  3. highsoguy22

    bad filming mate..the cam is alway about higher next
    peoples who watch it, ,and can enjoy the same as you to..

  4. Guy Gourley

    I know….I was a little disappointed as well. I came up with a better
    protection solution to keep the camera dry but also allow me to see the
    screen. Have to wait until next year though 🙁

  5. Charles McKinney

    Do you live in Chiang Mai? I wanna go there in a few weeks for my semester
    break from grad school. Can you recommend any cool places to stay, things
    to do?

  6. Guy Gourley

    Best thing is to check on the internet regarding things to do in Chiang
    Mai…there are Wats, Tiger Kingdom, Queen’s Garden, caves, and other
    different places to see. You’ll probably want to rent a scooter so you can
    get around better. Enjoy your time!!

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